For or against the Ultra Violet in decoration?

For or against the Ultra Violet in decoration?

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Last December, the announcement of the color elected by Pantone for the year 2018 surprised more than one. After the spring green "Greenery" which announced a green renewal in 2017, the world of fashion and decoration is placed for one year under the captivating sign of… Ultra Violet. But if it is ultra-trendy, this sharp color full of character is to be handled with care to avoid decorative faux pas…

© Tollens A section of wall repainted with Ultra Violet 18-3838

Info: Ultra Violet voted Pantone color of the year 2018

Indispensable in the world of publishing and printing, the Pantone color chart is a catalog of 992 colors that allows graphic design professionals to identify a color without margin of error. Each year, the Pantone Institute scrutinizes chromatic trends and elects THE color for the following year, supposed to influence the world of fashion and decoration for twelve months. And for 2018, against all odds, the chosen color was 18-3838 from the famous color chart, in other words a deep, rare and complex Ultra-Violet ... On the official Pantone press release, we can read that it is '"an incredibly provocative and thoughtful purple hue, which communicates originality, ingenuity and visionary thinking that directs us towards the future." Is the color of the year sharper than it looks?

© Dulux Valentine

For: Ultra violet, an original, mystical and committed color

Since its election as color of the year, the Ultra Violet has caused a lot of ink to flow and seems to prevail for at least 8 good reasons: * It is a cosmic color: According to Pantone, "the Ultra purple suggests the mysteries of the cosmos and the night sky, symbol of the desire to seek a world beyond ours "... Just that. * It's a pop color: Ultra violet evokes the costumes of David Bowie, Jimi Hendrix and Prince, essential icons of the counter-culture. Purple Rain for ever. * It is an anti-conformist color: "The Ultra Violet symbolizes experimentation and non-conformity, inciting individuals to imagine their unique imprint on the world and to push the limits through their creativity". And it's always Pantone who says it! * It is a committed color: the gay community also recalls that purple has long been used to support the LGTB cause. Neither cold, nor hot, neither feminine, nor masculine, Ultra Violet militates for the disappearance of borders. * It is a soothing color: Used in a bedroom or living room, Ultra Violet helps to relax and unwind. * It is a spiritual and intellectual color: In Feng Shui, purple is the color of personal development, meditation and concentration. * It is a precious color: An ultra violet velvet immediately evokes a luxurious and mysterious atmosphere. Ideal for a chic cocoon atmosphere. * It is a rare color: Little used in decoration, purple surprises when it is used where it is not expected: a purple wall section, a purple sofa or purple curtains immediately bring a strong identity to the room.

Cons: Ultra violet, a sharp color to use sparingly

If the Pantone 2018 color carries messages of hope, tolerance and creativity, it is still better to avoid succumbing to the ultra-violet wave at home, at the risk of waking up with a hangover this summer! Because if the Ultra Violet works miracles in decoration, you have to know how to use it sparingly to avoid ending up with an Ultra kitsch decoration that will appear dark, old-fashioned and old-fashioned in less time than it takes to write it. . To play with the trend of the year without having to regret it, we fall for purple accessories that we can easily change: purple cushions to bring a mystical note to the living room, a purple bed set for a Zen atmosphere in the bedroom, purple accessories to boost the decor in the kitchen or the bathroom… On the paint side, you can optionally repaint a section of the wall of the office or the bedroom of your teenager in ultra-violet to encourage inspiration, or repaint an old piece of furniture in purple to give it a second ultra-pop life! Otherwise, we cultivate purple flowers on our balcony, we make large bouquets of lisianthus throughout the house ... and we listen to Purple Rain thoroughly, while waiting to discover the color Pantone 2019!


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