5 tips to unclog your dishwasher

5 tips to unclog your dishwasher

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The dishwasher, like your sink or shower, can get clogged. Food residues and fats can be the cause. Cleaning the filter or emptying your machine, here are our tips for unclogging your dishwasher and making it purr every day!

5 tips for unclogging your dishwasher

- Clogged dishwasher: identify the problem - Drain your dishwasher - Clean the components of your dishwasher - What products used to unclog a dishwasher? - Maintain your dishwasher daily

1. Clogged dishwasher: identify the problem

To avoid dishwasher problems, nothing beats daily maintenance. However, if you find yourself at the bottom of standing water, you can try to find out for yourself where the problem comes from before calling a professional. Before trying anything, there are three essential steps. * turn off the dishwasher or unplug it, for more security * shut off the water supply to the appliance * find out where the problem comes from: blocked filter, drain pump.

2. Emptying your dishwasher

Start by emptying the standing water with a sponge, a cup and a bowl. Protect the floor with mops. Then unplug your appliance and remove the waste water hose from behind the dishwasher to see if there is any dirt on it. Bring a basin and towels. Hold the pipe high so that all the water does not drain, the time to position your basin below, then drain the water inside. Remove any residue. Once emptied, put it back.

3. Clean the elements of your dishwasher

Among the elements of the dishwasher to be cleaned first, you will find the filter and the spray arms: * Unscrew the filter (clockwise) * Remove the protective grid and unscrew the arms. sprinkling (one at the top and one at the bottom) * Wash everything in hot soapy water to remove residues and grease. * Check that the rotor holes are not blocked, clean them with a small brush or a toothpick * Start a short program to rinse, without replacing the removed parts. * Replace all parts if cleaning has been effective and there is no more standing water. If not, then call a specialist: the drain pump or the drain valve may be the cause.

4. What products are used to unclog a dishwasher?

Hot soapy water may be enough, but if too much fat has built up over time, you can use more effective solutions. For example: * mix soda crystals with very hot water: apply the paste and leave to act for a few minutes * for scale deposits at the bottom of the dishwasher, put two cups of white vinegar alone, and leave to act overnight * a mixture of bicarbonate + salt + white vinegar can also be effective, but it must be used sparingly so as not to attack the pipes in the long term!

5. Maintain your dishwasher daily

Several reflexes to have, from day to day, to maintain your dishwasher and prevent it from getting clogged: * rinse the dishes to remove residues before putting them in the dishwasher * avoid pots with labels that can peel off and plug the filter * regularly clean the filter and the grid * respect the detergent dosage instructions, and always put the tablets in the compartment reserved for this purpose * do not use dishwashing detergent to avoid damaging them * throw from time to time a short vacuum program with white vinegar to disinfect it and neutralize unpleasant odors.


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