Strong heat: how to limit damage to the garden, the vegetable patch, the balcony…?

Strong heat: how to limit damage to the garden, the vegetable patch, the balcony…?

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One thing is certain, it is hot. And this episode of heat wave seems to last. There are many instructions to protect yourself from the heat wave. You have to cool down, maintain a temperate atmosphere in the house, stay hydrated ... But how do plants react to this heat? What must be done to preserve our plants and our vegetable garden? To find out, we gleaned information from René who sells his fruits, vegetables and flowers on the markets of the Anjou region.

Do plants suffer from heat?

Yes, as we plants are not used to hot weather, especially if it lasts. It is therefore imperative to take care of it. You should give them a little shade and moisturize them very regularly.

How to provide shade to plants?

You can lay shade tunnels. They are available in supermarkets or garden centers. Otherwise place turned over crates. On the market, you can get them for free. After, all means are good. If you have a beach umbrella or screen, they will do the trick. On the balcony or on your terrace, simply move the pots and planters in the shade.

Provide shade for your plants

How often should we water our plants in the event of a heat wave?

Water them once during the day and once in the evening. Water the feet of each plant very abundantly. Do not hesitate to use recycled water, in periods of high heat, there are many restrictions. And don't make the mistake of watering your lawn. You will waste a lot of water ...

Recycled water to water your plants

Should plants be misted in the event of a heat wave?

It is indeed a great option. Misting the plants allows a better distribution of water. Only the plants should be misted, no need to opt for this technique in the vegetable patch. Once again, it is a waste.

Mist your plants

Should the soil be enriched with potting soil or fertilizer?

Not in hot weather. However, you can make a mulch that will protect your plants. In fact, mulching will prevent the earth from heating and will limit the dehydration of the plant.

Should we bring in the plants that are on our balcony?

If you have room and your interior is cooler, yes. Otherwise, like in the garden, try to provide shade.

Install a shade veil in the garden

Do you have any other advice for us?

Yes. Even if it's not easy in hot weather, try to weed. Weeds, like our pretty plants and our vegetable patch, need water. By eliminating them, you ensure better hydration of your plants. Finally, know that plants remain plants, take care of yourself before anything else. It would be a shame to risk sunstroke for salads!


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