5 tips for a soothing room

5 tips for a soothing room

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Your room, whatever its size and design should be the place in your accommodation that brings you the most calm, serenity and soothes you so that you can fall asleep or rest well. This is the room in which you need to be able to recharge your batteries and recharge your batteries. If you do not have the perfect room, we will blow you the 5 tips that we prefer for their speed to set up and for their simplicity. In less time than it takes to fall asleep, you will have made your room a real Zen cocoon.

Make healthy habits

Do you know the proverb that says "as you make your bed, you go to bed", you have to know how to take it literally and start with the basics. Every morning, whether you are a fan of the flat sheet / blanket or the duvet cover, take care to make your bed. There is nothing more overwhelming, when you go to bed at night after an exhausting day, than finding your bed unmade, in shambles, in the same state as that in which you left it in the morning when you left. It is very likely that you will have trouble falling asleep. While it only takes you a few minutes to make your bed square, pull the sheets or the comforter well, and make your bed a welcoming nest that you will be pleased to find to laze or fall asleep.

A square bed full of cozy cushions

Choose simplicity

Also be careful not to fill your room with accessories, trinkets, visible clothing that attracts dust and clogs the mind. In short, your room to be soothing must be purified. Exit the clothes lying on the dresser because you change three times in the morning before choosing your outfit, the trinkets in a row on the shelves which are filled with dust, the boxes filled to the brim with useless things. Think simplicity and remove from your room all the superfluous, you must have a clear environment around your bed, from floor to ceiling. There is no question of having to step over obstacles to reach your bed or bump into bulky objects in your room.

Choose colors and natural materials

Whether we are talking about the walls of your bedroom or your bed linen, the influence of colors plays a key role in how this room will be conducive or not to soothing. This is called chromotherapy. So, in this room which must be a refuge of calm, avoid warm colors like red and yellow which tend to energize the mind. Prefer natural and neutral colors for walls that bring you soothing such as shades of white, gray, taupe and marry them with your bed linen and carpets for example. This is the best way to make this room cozy and soft.

Soft mix of prints

To fall asleep or rest, nothing is more comfortable than natural and shimmering materials: cotton, wool, linen are preferred to fall asleep comfortably. And depending on your floor, consider adding an ultra-soft and thick carpet on each side of your bed for each morning you wake up on the right foot. This avoids having a cold floor for the first contact upon waking and will put you in a better mood.

Play on the brightness

A bathroom or a kitchen are rooms that require directed and intense lights to facilitate the tasks performed there. In a bedroom, on the other hand, we will rather seek calm by playing on diverted and softer lights. Avoid as much as possible having too much light on the ceiling and opt instead for bedside lamps with soft bulbs that allow you to read, for example, but do not blind you. In this intimate and warm room, you can multiply the light sources to see clearly so as not to bet everything on a ceiling lamp. Also think about candles (remembering to put them out before falling asleep) whose incandescent light is entirely conducive to soothing.

Take the example of the Bachaumont Hotel, which combines a table lamp and very Art Deco sconces

Give your room a zen scent

Your bedroom is your refuge, the place where you must feel at peace, pampered, pampered and to do this, certain gestures and certain habits can contribute to your well-being. Every morning after you wake up and regularly in the evening before going to bed, it is important to ventilate your room well, this will kill germs, evacuate humidity and indoor pollutants and provide a sanitized room. Do not worry in winter, it is not because you ventilate your room for 5 minutes that it will cool immediately. The walls have already stored heat and will not lose it as quickly.

A few flowers on your bedside table and voila!

You can also take advantage of the benefits of natural fragrances to soothe yourself. Lavender, for example, has soothing properties. You can make small sachets of lavender every year at the end of summer and place them in your cupboards, on handles to take advantage of its fragrance. You can also use it as an essential oil and create a pillow mist to fall asleep quickly. If you have an essential oil diffuser, bet on true lavender, chamomile, marjoram which used in a unique way or combined promote sleep. Ideally, have your diffuser act between half an hour and a quarter of an hour before going to bed to quickly sink into the arms of Morpheus. With these simple tips, your bedroom will become your sanctuary of well-being and serenity.


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