What flowers to offer on Valentine's Day?

What flowers to offer on Valentine's Day?

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Who says successful Valentine says beautiful bouquet of flowers! So we went to see flower enthusiasts at Bergamotte, a very young start-up that wants to revitalize flower delivery on the internet. A delivery in 2 hours in Paris, from the day after the order before 1 pm everywhere in France and beautiful bouquets all in subtlety. To offer the most beautiful flowers to your other half, Romain Raffard, one of the founders of Bergamotte, tells us everything…

How is your approach different?

We want to show that offering a bouquet is not just buying flowers. Our florists compose bouquets throughout the seasons, collaborations and inspirations in order to offer fresh and modern compositions on our website. We have developed relationships of trust with our producers which allow us to work just in time and to optimize the freshness of our flowers. We want this trust to continue with our customers and specify the origin of each flower on the pages of the bouquets, transparency requires! The bouquets travel in an innovative and resistant packaging. We enhance the experience by offering the printing of the image of your choice on photo paper in addition to the note. Our goal is that the recipient can enjoy the bouquet as long as possible after the surprise of the opening has passed!

How do you invent bouquets?

There are several ways to proceed: you can seek inspiration by crisscrossing the aisles of Rungis but you have to get up early! Several of our bouquets were, for example, created from French buttercups and anemones, the star varieties of winter. Inspiration can also come from meeting flower enthusiasts ... Or not! Chef, personality, blogger, we want to multiply the influences in our collections.

What is the most romantic place you've delivered so far?

Ask us this question again after Valentine's Day, we might have some anecdotes!

What flowers to offer to her lover?

The ones she loves! Above all, you have to listen and know the varieties and colors that appeal to you. But do not hesitate to surprise her!

What flowers to offer to your lover?

It is already a first step to ask the question, few people offer flowers to men while it makes us super happy: 41% of men would feel more loved if they received flowers! Right now, you can give them buttercups or tulips in bold colors, guaranteed success. Prefer a destructured and rustic bouquet like our Alberta to the traditional round bouquet…

What flowers to offer to an elegant woman?

If you don't know her, opt for white flowers! Limit the varieties to two or three but do not skimp on the quantity to give volume to the bouquet. You are unlikely to go wrong.

What flowers to offer to a cheerful woman?

Mix the varieties - carnations, buttercups, anemones, roses - in an explosion of shapes and colors. His joy will only be increased tenfold!

What flowers to offer to a romantic woman?

A bouquet of roses but not necessarily red roses, be creative! At Bergamotte, our favorite is the Sweet Avalanche rose. You can find it here or there, its pale pink color is simply wonderful!

What flowers should you not especially offer on Valentine's Day?

The red rose is a little classic and too expected… Surprise it (it) with a nice composition, come see our selection of bouquets specially created for Valentine's Day.

What tips for making a bouquet last as long as possible?

The biggest enemy of your flowers is heat, remember to keep them cool when you are not enjoying them (at night for example). Also pour the "magic potion" provided with the Bergamot bouquets. If you do not have one, simply change the water in the vase every 2 days to prevent bacteria from growing. To find out more: