Organize the space in the laundry room

Organize the space in the laundry room

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Taking care of the laundry in the house requires real organization. Between dirty clothes, clean linen and batteries, you can quickly be overwhelmed by the magnitude of the task and be overwhelmed. The ideal way out is to dedicate a space in the house to all this laundry logistics: the laundry room.

The essential functions of the laundry room

A laundry room will allow you to put everything together in one room, but a simple fitted corner will already be very practical. The important thing is to optimize the m2 to have everything you need at your fingertips and save time on your laundry chores! Depending on the space available, the functions to be gathered in the laundry room must be defined. The space will accommodate the washing machine, dryer and dirty laundry, but you can also sort the laundry, hang out the laundry, iron, fold, store household products or even the vacuum cleaner, brooms ... to accommodate all this equipment, space must be optimized by installing in the laundry room a clothes line or a wardrobe with hangers, an ironing board, a worktop and cupboards fitted with shelves and hooks for buckets and brooms. It can also be useful to put a sink in the laundry room. You will be able to detach some parts or wash the delicate laundry by hand.

Dirty laundry in the laundry basket!

Organize space in a laundry room

If you are lucky enough to have a real laundry room, take the opportunity to make the most of it! Organize the space around the washing machine and install floor-to-ceiling storage to use all the space available. You will then be able to have frequently used items (washing powder, sponges etc.) close at hand, and the others higher up. It is also ideal for keeping dangerous products out of the reach of children. Hanging storage will avoid cluttering the floor of the room and will facilitate maintenance of the room, and baskets for sorting laundry mounted on casters can be moved in an instant. If the room is small, think of space-saving solutions: sliding worktop, retractable baskets, folding ironing board fixed to the wall, folding clothes rack etc.

Everything in its place in the laundry room

To save space and successfully integrate a dryer into the laundry room, do not hesitate to place it above the washing machine. Stacking kits allow the 2 devices to be stacked without risk, even with the vibrations caused by spinning. It will also simplify the transfer of detergent from one to the other and prevent the laundry from dripping too much during the maneuver. The fact of not having to operate at ground level is also a big advantage for your comfort and your back!

Good idea: the wicker basket as a laundry basket

Organize space in a laundry area

If you do not have a dedicated room, you will have to use trickery to create a laundry area in your apartment or house. This corner with reduced functionality will still be very useful to centralize the maintenance of the laundry and avoid disorder at home. Many rooms can lend themselves to the creation of this laundry area: bathroom, garage, hallway, kitchen, landing or even living room when the surface of the house is really limited. The advice for arranging the space remains the same as for a dedicated room, but for lack of space, you will have to adapt them.

Which room for my laundry area?

If all the rooms can potentially accommodate your washing machine, prefer a water room to take advantage of the existing facilities: water supply, drainage, ventilation. In the bathroom, you will be less bothered by the noise of the machine or the smell of wet laundry or washing powder. You can invest in a washer-dryer that will save you from hanging out the laundry or having two devices. In another room, make sure there is a window for removing excess moisture, and a safe electrical installation (high-sensitivity circuit breaker). Household appliances are not very attractive and should be hidden in a living room. You can hide them behind a curtain or a door or build them in like your other household appliances (fridge, oven) and hide them in an identical closet. In this case, opt for a dryer with a condensing system and not exhaust.

An ironing corner!

Some practical tips for fitting out your laundry room

When fitting out your laundry room or laundry area, follow these tips: * A room or tiled area will be easier to maintain * With a washing machine with front opening, leave at least 1.2 m free in front of the door to move even with the door open. * With a washing machine with opening on the top, the space above the machine must be sufficient to lift the hood completely. * Choose standard size appliances so you don't have to rearrange everything when you change your washing machine. Ideally, a little space around the device will leave you with considerable leeway. * Insulate the floor and the walls of the laundry room to limit noise pollution and vibrations in adjoining rooms. * When fitting out, opt for water-resistant materials * In a dedicated room, remember to install a siphon to drain the water in the event of a leak or overflow from the washing machine

Ironing would become almost pleasant


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