How to organize your buffet without calling on a caterer?

How to organize your buffet without calling on a caterer?

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To save money and be sure it is to your liking, organizing your buffet yourself during your events with friends is a great idea. This requires a little organization upstream but the game is worth the candle: you can be proud of yourself when your guests congratulate you. Here are the essential steps to masterfully put together your party buffet.

D-60 or from the start of the project: questions to ask

The first thing is to ask yourself the main questions: * How many people would you like to invite? Make a list and send out the invitations so that your organization is clearer. * Would you like to create your event around a theme ? * What budget would you like to put on this buffet? * Who can support you? Indeed, even if you are an ace for the organization (and we don't doubt that for a second), one or two friends by your side will necessarily be an additional asset.

D-45: ask for the menu!

Now that you know a little more about the number of guests present at your event, you know the number of mouths to feed! Depending on your budget, you can start making a list of the dishes you want to see on your table that day. For the sake of time, I recommend that you make simple, family and cold tasting dishes that you can cook quickly: quiches, pies, mixed salads, cheese and charcuterie platters, etc. To help you manage the quantities required, refer to this dedicated article which will tell you the right quantities. If you want to offer hot dishes, this is the time to inquire about the rental of stoves. Also plan the time necessary the day before the event to cook your meals.

Large salads to bring a little freshness!

D-30: management of the dishes and the arrangement

Who says buffet, says multitude of dishes. To be able to present your creations properly, you will need to find the appropriate dishes. For this you can opt for several solutions: * the crockery rental : you will find a multitude of offers online on the internet:,,,… The advantage? Porcelain tableware, with a wide choice of models. * the disposable dishes : in order to avoid too tedious management, this option will be your easy solution. No need to receive the material or store it. And once your buffet is finished, you don't need to return your dishes. Certainly, the rendering is different from porcelain dishes but you can find products that are very similar to classic dishes. For example, there are cutlery imitating almost identical metal cutlery. The result is stunning. You can find your happiness on,,,… Most of these sites also have ecological ranges. Think about it! * Finally last option, if you have a tight budget, nothing prevents you from playing the casual card and asking friends to bring you each a few items of dishes. Now is the time to ask yourself on what media you are going to put all these good little things. Ideally, and depending on the number of guests, it is good to provide a table for each specialty (starters, dishes, cheese, desserts, drinks) to facilitate access and circulation. If you want to decorate your tables, this is the right time to start looking for your party decoration and contact your florist if you plan to bring a floral touch to your buffet.

D-15: we anticipate what can be

Before entering the race against the clock, secure your back by making and freezing everything that can be: pizzas, quiches, puffs, desserts, cakes, desserts ... Plan a weekend taking the time to achieve your achievements without stress. it also gives you the opportunity to do small recipe tests if you wish. And don't hesitate to delegate this part a little! Friends, it's also for that, isn't it? While you're near the freezer, you can also make ice packs to refresh your drinks at your buffet.

Do tests before D-Day

From D-2 to D-day: the last straight line

* J-2 : Prepare your salads, aperitif drinks, hot dishes if you have them on the menu. * J-1 : Take your preparations out of the freezer and put them on trays in your fridge, ready to be served. Prepare your kitchen equipment and accessories. Place and decorate your tables. * D-Day : Go get the bread, your flowers, dress your verrines, and finally ... put all of your dishes on your buffet.

It only remains to enjoy your event. You deserved it!


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