Citrus juicer VS juice extractor: which one to choose?

Citrus juicer VS juice extractor: which one to choose?

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"Eat five fruits and vegetables a day"? You are aware. The good news is that you can also consume them in liquid form, and that's good: homemade fruit and vegetable juices have never been so popular! To help you extract the best juice, juicers and juice extractors compete for the top spot. We take stock of these 2 machines for the full of vitamins adapted to your desires.

Why choose the juicer?

Most : manual or electric, the juicer is undoubtedly the best machine for simply squeezing oranges, lemons and grapefruits, while retaining enzymes and vitamins. Small in size, it fits easily into the kitchen and is easy to clean. There are multiple models at very low prices, making it a very affordable kitchen accessory. The lessers : as the name suggests, the juicer is intended to extract the juice from lemons, oranges or grapefruits, and nothing else. In addition, if you opt for a manual juicer, you will need a lot of elbow grease to obtain a minimum yield. If the whole family demands their glass of juice in the morning, then you risk spending a moment there. Ideal if: you want a good juice squeezed quickly every morning, but only citrus. If you want to save even more time, opt for an electric juicer with or without lever.

Basic or very sophisticated, the juicer fulfills its mission but does not go any further!

Why choose a screw juice extractor?

Most : the extractor gently crushes the food in order to extract the juice from it by simple pressure. This machine has a wider field of action than the citrus juicer: it makes it possible to recover fruit and vegetable juices, but also to extract oils from hazelnuts or nuts and milk from almonds. If you opt for its electric version, the extraction technique is done cold, without chopping or mixing food, but by pressing it so as to keep all the vitamins and minerals. The juices can then be stored for several days, without losing their nutritional benefits. In addition, the screw juice extractor makes it possible to obtain the best yields and therefore to limit waste. It is also very easy to clean. The lessers : here again two possible options, the manual or electric version. If you opt for a manual juice extractor, plan a lot of grinding for optimal performance. Concerning its electric version, only one problem: its high price. Ideal if: you are a big consumer of fruit or vegetable juice and want to get rid of the bricks of the supermarkets. In this case, your extractor will quickly pay off.

A little technological gem, this Philips juice extractor can be cleaned in just 1 minute!