The art of using your insulated bottle in winter

The art of using your insulated bottle in winter

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In winter, when the cold and the gray sky encourage us to depress on the sofa the best remedy against winter fatigue is to go and get some fresh air. At the first rays of the sun, we leave to air our heads, with in our bag a thermos bottle filled with a delicious hot drink. All our advice for enjoying winter thanks to insulated bottles!

All out!

Which insulated container to choose?

If you do not have a thermos stored at the bottom of a closet, the first thing to do is to find the insulated bottle you need. To start, choose the right capacity: from the individual mug called tumbler to the XXL thermos for large families, including mini-bottles, water bottles for sports, models with integrated cups and insulated containers for soups and small you’ll be spoiled for choice. On the material side, the heavier metal insulating bottles keep drinks hot better than plastic bottles, which are rather recommended for keeping coffee hot at home or in the office. Hermetic stoppers and double steel walls are also preferred for perfect insulation. Finally, on the decorative side, many brands play the card of design and originality. From the sublime copper-plated steel bottle to the thermos with pink Flemish motifs, there is something for everyone!

We also choose its insulated bottle for its decorative aspect!

What to put in your thermos bottle?

In order for your insulated bottle to become your best ally for going through the winter, you will have to think about varying the recipes. In addition to tea and coffee, which warm and wake up at the same time, all hot drinks are carried outside. For a family outing, for example prepare a hot chocolate by melting a half plate of pastry chocolate over low heat in a saucepan with a few drops of milk, then when the dough is liquid, add a liter of milk and cook for five minutes before bottling. For a walk in the forest with friends, prepare a thermos of Moroccan mint tea with green tea, fresh leaves and sugar and a thermos of coffee, with the sugars aside. For a light and comforting breakfast, fill your insulated bottle with a clear soup or vegetable broth: delicious in very cold weather. More original, hot apple juice and orange juice are still as successful: heat the juices over low heat in a saucepan, and add as you like honey, cinnamon, ginger, a dash of lemon green or nutmeg ... Finally, to be right at the heart of the trend while stimulating its immune defenses, opt for a "golden milk" by mixing with hot almond milk or a squeezed lemon turmeric powder , black pepper, fresh ginger rings, cinnamon and honey. A golden recipe!

Fill your insulated bottle, a real ritual to face the cold.

How to maintain your insulated bottle?

Once you have successfully completed your first trip to the thermos, don't forget to clean your bottle well, not only to wash it, but above all to deodorize it. Because nothing is worse than green tea that smells like coffee ... except maybe coffee that smells of tea. When you return, fill the bottle with hot water, add a large tablespoon of baking soda and leave to act for two hours or overnight. In the event of a trace of coffee, proceed in the same way by adding a small glass of white vinegar, then rinse well. Your thermos will be like new and ready to accompany you until spring ... Before resuming service this summer to take your cold drinks, gazpachos and frozen smoothies! Read also: 10 ideas for living outside in cold weather