How to optimize space in a long kitchen?

How to optimize space in a long kitchen?

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We often run away from long kitchens by imagining impassable corridor rooms. However, this type of configuration allows us to play with perspectives and pushes us to imagine a thousand and one tricks to exploit the space to the maximum. Between well thought out storage, modular furniture and practical advice, here is what to make your long kitchen an easy-going and functional room.

The importance of storage in a long kitchen

In a linear kitchen, the width of the room will decide for you. If the width is maximum 1.50m, you will need to group all the elements and technical blocks on one side. On the other hand, if your room is wider than 1.50m, you can consider a parallel kitchen with blocks on either side of the room. In all cases, you will have to multiply the tricks to integrate the maximum storage in this kitchen in length. The idea is to occupy the entire surface of the wall by placing storage space over the entire height. Also think of corner furniture, specially designed for kitchens, which allow for spacious closets. In the same way, optimize the baseboards by installing drawers on casters! Objective: exploit the smallest square meter. Tip: hang your kitchen utensils on a metal bar fixed to the splashback above the worktop. They will be close at hand!

With well thought out storage, you will be one step ahead of your kitchen!

Choosing modular furniture in a hallway kitchen

Who says hallway kitchen, says space optimization. To prevent your kitchen from becoming a dead end, use modular furniture to make the most of space without infringing on the fluidity of comings and goings. Retractable elements are essential: a retractable table for taking meals in the kitchen without cluttering the room, a hood that disappears after cooking, a very narrow kitchen storage for spices ... Also think of folding chairs or stacking stools, which can be hidden in a cupboard, or stored under a worktop.

A tight all in length, a foldable table: smart space saving tricks!

Clean and light up your hallway kitchen!

A watchword in a hallway kitchen: purify! Simplifying the place is essential if you want to give an impression of space. Instead, choose light colors, light wood and white on the wall. Limit the color to kitchen accessories and fall in love with small appliances. In this sense, the choice of luminaires is very important. Do not block natural light and do not ignore sources of artificial lighting. Spotlights on the ceiling and along the entire length will be very effective, as well as extra lamps in the corners. Tip: favor closet doors without a handle that open with a simple press as they will help to purify the space.

In a long kitchen, preserving natural light is essential!

Tips for making travel easier in a linear kitchen

In a long kitchen, travel is sometimes complicated. Especially when several people find themselves in the room! For a kitchen that is certainly narrow, but functional, think of a sliding door that will give you more freedom of movement. And why not opt ​​for a central island on casters that can slide under the worktop? In the same way, a trolley on wheels will be very useful: this storage space moves easily when you need to free up space. Tip: if you have parquet or imitation parquet tiles, remember to put the boards in the widthwise direction to push back the walls - at least visually!

An island on casters: the must for long kitchens, to have everything close at hand!