An Asian style bedroom

An Asian style bedroom

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The bedroom is the ideal place to have a Zen and relaxing decoration. And for that, what could be better than being inspired by Asia? Often very minimalist, Asian style rooms are both very trendy and timeless. Quickly discover how to adopt this style for the decoration of your room!

The futon, the quintessential Asian bed

Futon is a Japanese bed. These are flat mattresses, which are usually 5 to 10cm thick. Covered in cotton, they are designed to be placed on the floor, making it a very low bed. This type of bedding changes from our western beds, often composed of a box spring (on legs) and a mattress, sometimes with a metal or wood structure most of the time.

For an asian-inspired bedroom, you can either install a real futon, or be inspired by this type of bedding. Opt for a low bed structure, in light wood, which you will complete with a thin mattress. To stay in the futon spirit, choose bed linen in shades and natural materials such as linen or cotton.

Soft lighting

To stay in a very cocooning and refined style, opt for a chinese lantern in white rice paper, very simple. It will diffuse a dim light, suitable for rest and meditation in your bedroom.

Its minimalist design makes this light very discreet, especially since it matches the color of the ceiling. If you like design renderings, you can create an original pendant lamp by combining several Chinese lanterns of different sizes.

Bamboo, the Asian material to favor

Very widely used in Asian countries, bamboo is a material that is found in many elements of decoration and layout of rooms.

On the ground, bamboo offers parquet floors of different colors, with more or less wide planks. It brings a refined and warm look to the bedroom. Bamboo parquet is very resistant, ecological and does not require any particular maintenance.

Bamboo is also found in the manufacture of Asian-inspired furniture. From the bed to the chest of drawers, passing through the dressing table or the armchairs, it is a material that can be braided. Perfect if you like Zen, feng-shui or boho-inspired interiors.

The decoration of the room does not escape bamboo either. We can hang bamboo panels as a wall decoration (printed, painted or in their natural appearance according to your wishes), but also woven bamboo mirrors or create your own bamboo wall decoration like the one on the photo below. above, creating a wall sculpture with several branches of aged bamboo.

A very Zen decoration

Zen-inspired decoration is an integral part of the interior designan asian style bedroom. Largely inspired by Buddhism, we thus find heads and other silhouettes of Buddha in different forms: in more or less large statuette, in poster, in painting, etc.

You can also arrange a kind of altar in your room, in order to create a zen corner. On the top of your dresser or on a dressing table, install a Buddha head or figurine. A few incense sticks or a Ylang-Ylang scent fragrance diffuser delicately perfume the room. You can also set up a small Japanese garden, if you want to practice meditation before bed.

A colorful Thai-inspired bedroom

If you prefer colorful and ethnic atmospheres for a bedroom, then thai style will seduce you! Install sheers above the bed, like a mosquito net, to create a real cocoon around the bed.

The bed linen is colorful, with floral patterns. You can make a reminder of these patterns on the cushions or on the wall decoration, by hanging pictures or drapes in the bedroom to make it even warmer.

The rest of the furniture is made of dark wood, like teak. For an authentic look, choose a bed frame and engraved furniture, with carved wood with Asian motifs.


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