Balcony: accessories that change everything!

Balcony: accessories that change everything!

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With the beautiful days, the happy owners of balconies want to make the most of this small outdoor room to have a drink, relax, rest and receive their loved ones. But how can you simply arrange a small balcony to make it a real corner of paradise? Our selection of accessories to transform your balcony quickly and without breaking the bank!

A deckchair or an armchair on the balcony, to believe you are on vacation all year round

To bubble on the balcony, no need to invest in complete garden furniture, a small armchair or a pretty deckchair is enough! Choose your seat in the style you like, then prepare the lemonade and magazines, turn off the phone and enjoy! Next winter, you will just have to slide the deckchair under a bed or behind a door to protect it from the elements and recycle your armchair as a decorative accessory for your interior.

1. Plum lounge chair, Drawer, € 139.90 2. Rattan armchair, Design rattan, € 262.50 3. Khaki lounge chair, Proloisir, € 250.84 4. Design rattan armchair, All my furniture, € 203 5. Java armchair, Rattan design, € 364.35

Cushions and throws on the balcony

Have you already invested in garden furniture? So much the better, you will be able to spend time on your balcony for lunch, dinner, work and remake the world ... But to bring a cozy dimension to your balcony living room, consider adding a few cushions and soft blankets that you will be delighted to to have on hand when the cool evening is felt ...

Soft cushions and throws adorn basic furniture

I want a carpet on my balcony!

Have you ever thought of putting a carpet on your balcony? No ? It is however this small detail that can make all the difference and transform an impersonal space into a real decorative piece. Choose an outdoor rug in sober colors, and rediscover the pleasure of walking barefoot and sitting on the floor (or on your new cushions).

An outdoor rug, the decorative detail that changes the balcony

Ivies and ferns hanging on the balcony

Any self-respecting balcony must be at least vegetated. If you don't have a green thumb, why not opt ​​for ultra-easy-care plants like ivy and ferns? Placed in hanging pots, against a wall or above the railing, these few pots will give an impression of lush flora at low cost.

What if we grew the plants along the wall?

A mini square of aromatics on the balcony

If you don't want to start growing a vegetable patch on the balcony, why not put a few aromatic pots in a beautiful wooden crate? Buy thyme, rosemary, mint, sage, basil and chives in your garden center and season your dishes with herbs from your balcony!

Some aromatic pots on the balcony offer the same pleasures as a vegetable garden!

A light garland

In decoration, there are small details that change everything. On a balcony, a simple light garland can completely transform the atmosphere as soon as the sun goes down. Choose a simple cotton ball garland, or have fun recreating a guinguette style with multicolored bulbs!

A light garland to enjoy the balcony all evening…

A mosquito net for more privacy

If the vis-à-vis is too present and you feel the need to protect yourself from view, why not hang a mosquito net on the ceiling? In addition to bringing an exotic touch to your balcony, it will give you the impression of being in a bubble ... Otherwise install a canvas on the railing (if you can) or grow climbing plants ...

A light veil to filter light ... and looks

A parasol on my balcony

In addition to protecting you from the sun, an umbrella on your balcony will also allow you to protect yourself from view and find a feeling of intimacy. And with a light garland hanging under the canvas, you will impress your guests!

1. Blue aluminum parasol, Pegane, € 107.90 2. Anise round parasol, Proloisir, € 75.15 3. Beige parasol, Pegane, € 49 4. Green cantilever parasol, Pegane, € 191.90 5. Round parasol blue, Pegane, 125 €

Wicker baskets, everywhere ...

To dress an empty partition elegantly, a large wicker basket is ideal. We slide magazines, children's toys, a large armful of flowers or his sunglasses ... In flowerpot hanging or simply placed on the ground, wicker baskets highlight the plants and they always have a charm ...

In a pot or against a wall, long live the wicker basket!

A vintage watering can carelessly placed on the ground

Finally, a beautiful vintage watering can brings an undeniable charm to any balcony. Replace your plastic watering can with a beautiful zinc model mottled in a flea market and display it proudly on your balcony, it's the best way to remember to water!

Old or new, the watering cans are real decorative items!


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