10 good resolutions at the office

10 good resolutions at the office

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Whether it is to find inspiration, gain productivity or stimulate creativity, this year, we are optimizing our work corner. At home or in an open-space, these 10 good resolutions that are easy to implement should make you want to go to work ... Are we testing?

1. I sort through the papers

If your desk is so covered in paper that you can barely see what it is made of, it's time to sort it out! On Friday evening, when the biggest files of the week have been processed, we take a few hours to classify, sort, archive and above all throw away all these documents which are no longer used for anything. Once the office is uncluttered, we highlight the files in progress and we look forward to seeing more clearly. But be careful not to overdo it, because as Einstein said, "if the sight of a cluttered office evokes a cluttered mind then what about that of an empty office?"

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2. I find (finally) my optimal organization

Once the sorting done and the bulk of the archives put away, we look at what is left and organize our office so that we have on hand only what we need every day. There are also storage accessories most suited to your activity to quickly find what you need, without losing your elegance. Banner for mail, filing cabinets, pencil holders, boxes or baskets, the important thing is to tidy up efficiently.

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3. I clean my office more often

Even if you work in a company where cleaning is done during your absence, it is only you who can really clean up your workspace, where post-they and files classified "confidential" accumulate. And if you are self-employed, then you know that this good resolution is likely to speak to you! So once a week, we dust, we sponge and we must circulate the good energies. It must shine! And once a month, we also think of cleaning our computer keyboard with an air bomb, a cloth moistened with white vinegar and cotton swabs.

4. I grow some green plants

Did you know that plants have the power to make us love our work? Yes, it is even scientifically proven: the absenteeism rate drops radically when the offices are green! Better still, green plants help us to feel good, to find inspiration and even to be more productive. So this year, it's time to look at this little ivy pot with a new eye. With his pretty little green leaves, he will be our coach of the year.

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5. I add a few items to feel good

Next to this small ivy pot, a few personal decorative objects are the perfect accessories to make your workspace a little corner where you can feel good. So at home as in a shared space, we fall for a pretty pencil holder, a funny cork board, pretty notebooks, an inspiring postcard or even some poetic stickers…

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6. I think of the planet (at the office too)

This year, we promise, we get motivated among colleagues to generate less waste and limit our carbon footprint. We can for example print a nice poster with basic advice: print less to limit paper consumption, regularly erase old emails that are stored on servers that consume too much energy, turn off computers in the evening and on weekends (when you can), create sorting bins, convince the purchasing department to invest in "green" products, encourage car-sharing to come to work ... And when we work at home, we also think of reducing the heating of 'one or two degrees. Well done !

7. I take care of my back at the office

This year, it's decided, we will no longer spend our lives at the osteo! So we are offered a comfortable office chair, which keeps our back straight and slightly tilted back, but above all we often alternate positions, we get up regularly to take a few steps and we do not hesitate to practice a small stretching session when fatigue is felt.

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8. I take care of my eyes in the office

If you experience eyestrain or headaches at the end of the day, make the right decision to take care of your eyes at the office! We start by fighting against blue light with a screen or suitable glasses, then we get into the good habit of not staring at the screen for several hours in a row. The ideal: do not place the screen in front of a wall so that you can look into the distance regularly. And during breaks, we try to let go of our smartphone, our eyes also need to rest.

9. I have lunch in the office with class

At lunchtime, we manage to eat healthier, spend less and generate less waste by preparing pretty tasty bentos, by investing in a nice lunch box or by launching salads. jars! Enjoy your meal ! How to lunch in style at the office?

10. I set up a fruit basket to share with colleagues

And finally, at coffee time or snack break, we avoid falling for sweets thanks to a beautiful basket of seasonal fruits that makes you want to bite into a beautiful apple or fill up on vitamins with a few clementines . At home, we choose a beautiful decorative basket to give style to the office, and in the open space, we ask everyone to take turns to take the fruit or have it delivered by a specialized service. This is a year full of energy ahead!