Why set up a family room?

Why set up a family room?

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Have you ever heard of family room? This concept from the United States, halfway between living room and playroom, allows the whole family to gather around recreational activities without encroaching on the other rooms of the house.

What is a family room and what are its advantages?

Also called a recreation room, the family room is designed to be at the heart of family life. The idea is to bring together the different activities to which family members like to spend time, alone or together. It is therefore a living space which must sometimes allow you to isolate yourself, sometimes to get together. The family room recreates the environment conducive to everyone's leisure without upsetting the layout of the other rooms. It is also a friendly place to meet at the end of the day and on weekends to spend time together. Creating a room dedicated to leisure at home, it may seem like a waste of space but in reality, in a world where everything is going too fast, it is essential to (re) give importance to the time spent with family, to sharing and fulfillment of all.

The family room, a single room dedicated to leisure

What activities to bring together in the family room?

There is no typical recreational room, and it's up to the family to decide what hobbies you want to dedicate space to. Often, it is above all a playroom for children where their toys and costumes are gathered, but it can also be a TV lounge for watching films with the family or a place to play or listen to music. You can also gather all the books in the house and set it up as a reading room, or even install the family computer there. If you have a lot of space, you can dedicate a space to a collective game like table football or billiards, or even install a small platform to improvise or rehearse shows and choreographies ... children and teenagers will love it! Ask yourself about your desires, what you would do if you had one more room, and create this room where everyone will have their space, real and interior, to develop and share their aspirations.

Very different activities can coexist

The ideal location of the family room

The interest of a room dedicated to leisure seems obvious, but it is not always easy to find the space necessary to arrange it. Failing to dedicate a complete room, have you thought of using the mezzanine, the basement or the attic? You can even consider dedicating a part of the living room to it if it is large, or a small communicating room such as an anteroom or an alcove. *The advantages of an independent room : it will be easier to isolate oneself there to read or watch a film, or not to hinder others, for example for the practice of a musical instrument. In addition, physical separation will clearly delineate leisure time from the rest of daily tasks. It is essential to relax completely, but also to define the time slots for children dedicated to an activity. *The advantages of a communicating room : more realistic if you run out of space, a space in the living room will also allow you to monitor the games of the little ones who thus gain autonomy without danger. Remember to define the space with a screen or a sliding panel to prevent the entire living room from gradually turning into a games room!

Isolation to listen to or play music is essential

How to arrange the family room?

The more members of the household, the more versatile the room must be to adapt to different uses. This is all the more true if there is a great difference in age between the children, since the needs and interests are not the same for children and adolescents for example. It will therefore be necessary to optimize the space to store all the necessary. If you like board games, choose a collapsible or extendable table to adapt to the number of players and be discreet when not in use. Separate the games from the little ones to create a corner of their own where no electric wires or dangerous objects should hang around. Multiply the storage! They will allow greater versatility, but also to put the room in order regularly. Think of boxes for toys, at least one shelf for books and board games, stackable boxes that save space ... Take advantage of the low spaces (under the sofa, at the bottom of the library) so that everyone has its storage space. Do not neglect comfort either. The family room is a room in which one should enjoy meeting oneself. Multiply the comfortable seats: sofa to watch a movie, pouffes and armchairs to read, swing, plaids and cushions to snuggle up… Thick carpets will be perfect for children's games and will allow them to sit on the floor in the event of overcrowded visitors !

A relaxation area for the whole family

Versatility to the end!

The idea of ​​the family room is to create a space for relaxation, but also to free up the other rooms. So the children's rooms will be used for sleeping and homework or the living room for visitors or domestic activities ... You will certainly "sacrifice" a room, but you will save time and efficiency when cleaning the whole House. If its dimensions allow, the family room once tidy can also easily be transformed into a guest bedroom, you just need to provide a sofa bed or a retractable mattress. Also think of this space as a place of expression and communication. This room being reserved for the family circle, you will not have to worry about any aesthetic censorship. It is the perfect place to hang children's drawings, set up a blackboard where everyone can express their creativity, pin up movie posters… Have fun and make your family room together a place that belongs only to you!


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