8 essential accessories for a cozy bedroom

8 essential accessories for a cozy bedroom

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1. A 100% soft pillow

Woe to those who think that pillows are simple decorative accessories in a bedroom! In reality, a good pillow is simply essential for resting your neck and neck during the night. To sleep on both ears, you can opt for synthetic cushions - for example models with a silicone fiber filling - which offer good ventilation and thus limit sweating during the night.

2. A satin bed set

Satin bedding isn't just for hot scenes from romantic movies! Indeed, satin is a material which, in addition to being very aesthetic, is excellent for making you have a good night's sleep. It could not be softer, it also has the merit of pampering our skin and our hair for an awakening in fairytale princess mode.
If you're afraid of the total look, at least let yourself be tempted by the satin pillowcases!

3. An organic cotton anti-mite duvet

Choosing an organic anti-mite duvet for your bedroom is choosing a duvet:

  • Ecological;
  • Which regulates the heat and humidity you generate during your sleep for a dry and 100% healthy night;
  • Ideal for people allergic to mites and lung diseases thanks to its anti-mite treatment.
  • For a very soft duvet, choose a model with swelling effect: you will have the impression of sleeping on your little cloud!

4. A latex mattress

Soft and solid at the same time, the latex-coated mattress has the perfect combination for flawless back support all night long! An ideal composition, designed to guarantee restful sleep, and available in all possible sizes.

Good advice: to avoid using your mattress prematurely, be sure to choose sufficiently thick models, and to return them every 6 months.

5. An extendable slatted bed frame

The extendable slatted bed frame is ideal for non-standard width beds. Thanks to the thickness of the steel and the width of its slats, it also offers good resistance and adapts to all types of bedding. Do you have a king size, queen size or made-to-measure bed and are you looking for a setting that will suit? You have the solution!

6. A box spring on legs

The box spring is a box spring made of a very solid and reliable solid wood structure. It provides firm and consistent support for bedding. Mounted on a stand, it also offers a small retro aspect ideal for furnishing a vintage room!

7. A padded headboard

To give even more majesty to your sleeping area, the headboard is an ideal accessory. Chic, elegant and modern, it dresses your bed and gives character to the bedroom. Especially if it is a padded model, full of character and which will look great in your sleeping area.

8. An essential oil diffuser

To sleep like a baby, in addition to having a good mattress, good pillows and a good duvet, you can also invest in a diffuser of essential oils, and bottles of oils which de-stress and facilitate a restful sleep like by example essential oil of lavender, chamomile, ravintsara or tropical basil.