How to plant and cultivate Ceropegia woodii

How to plant and cultivate Ceropegia woodii

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The characteristics of ceropegia woodii

  • Type: Flowering plant
  • Height: up to 2m
  • Flower color: purple
  • Foliage: persistent
  • Interview : easy
  • Desired exposure: sunny
  • Common name : chain of hearts

Origins and characteristics of ceropegia woodii

Native to semi-arid areas of South Africa, ceropegia woodii is more commonly known as "chain of hearts". The genus "Cerogepia" includes nearly 200 species, which are found mainly in the southern hemisphere.

Its rapid growth emits long thin, threadlike and reddish stems. Its small heart-shaped leaves from which it takes its name are present all year round. This indoor plant blooms in summer. We then see the appearance of very small pink / purple flowers which are about 2cm.

Ceropegia woodii is toxic to animals.

Plantation of ceropegia woodii

The heart chain flourishes in sunny places. The more intense the light, the more visible the purple coloration of the stems. Ceropegia woodii also needs heat. So be sure to place it behind a window or on a balcony, before returning it in winter, in a place where it is between 5 and 10 ° C. This winter period, known as dormancy, is necessary to ensure good summer flowering.

The ceropegia woodii is planted during the summer season, between April and September.

The pot in which we plant ceropegia woodii should be located high, so that the stems fall properly during growth. Compose a light mixture with 50% sand and 50% leaf compost. Remember to install a bed of clay balls at the bottom of the pot, to avoid standing water.

An adult plant requires a pot with a diameter of 8 to 10cm, ideally made of terracotta.

Maintenance of ceropegia woodii

Nature also knows how to be attentive, she thought of all beginners who do not have a green thumb and offered her little gem resistance capacities that allow her to survive in almost any interior!

If the chain of hearts can decorate the balcony in the middle of summer, it needs heat and prefers to stay away from cold drafts. Exposed to light with a few hours of direct sunlight per day, the Ceropegia woodii then asks only to flourish without being taken care of, if not a little watering every ten days (leaving dry the soil well between two waterings). Who says better ?

The size of ceropegia woodii it's not mandatory. However, you can cut the stems when they become too long. Make sure to cut just above a node so that the plant can continue to grow.

Diseases and pests of ceropegia woodii

Ceropegia woodii does not support excess water: these cause rotting of the bulbs. Excess nitrogen in the fertilizer used can cause the leaves to turn yellow.

Mealybugs and aphids are the main pests of ceropegia woodii.

Highlighting a chain of hearts in its interior: our decor tips

The long stems of Ceropegia woodii are particularly graphic when dropped like a curtain of pearls. Magnified in a suspension, the chain of hearts can also be placed on a shelf or the edge of a tall piece of furniture.

Its green-gray leaves will be subtly enhanced by coppery and old rose hues, but a purple pot will also perfectly enhance the inner side of the leaves.

If the stems grow too long and the plant lacks density, simply fold them back and plant a knot in the ground for a new stem to form.

Last thing: this little vegetable masterpiece is available in all garden centers, and it costs only a few euros! The chain of hearts will be highlighted on a shelf or tall cabinet.


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