3 ways to customize kitchen tiles

3 ways to customize kitchen tiles

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The heart of the house, the kitchen is reinvented every day thanks to clever arrangements. Besides decorative objects, coverings are also an effective way to transform this living room in the blink of an eye. Focus on three ideas to change the atmosphere of the kitchen through the customization of tiling.

Customize kitchen tiles with paint

What could be more radical to boost the decor than to change the appearance of the walls thanks to the paint? The wall tiles can be transformed as you wish with a variety of colors available on the market. A simple specialized paint is enough to cover this coating to give a new face to kitchen surfaces. 1 we clean, 2 we apply, 3 we enjoy! Anthracite gray, pink beige or peacock blue, all the follies are allowed to transform the tiles with a range of current colors. The dark shades bring an assumed contemporary spirit, while the light shades offer luminosity and softness. Whatever your preference, this makeover gives the kitchen a chic and personal refreshment. No need to change cupboards and other modules: the new background of your space will highlight furniture and decorative items.

A white splashback to go with any color of paint on the walls!

Customize kitchen tiles with stencils

To personalize the tiling of the kitchen, on the floor as on the wall, we opt for stencils like geometric designs with minimalist shapes and rosettes, to design yourself or to buy ready to use commercially. For this customization, you will need: * Acetone to degrease the floor and improve the grip of the paint * A special tiling primer to apply before painting * Your most beautiful stencils * Tile paint * A brush and adhesive tape (this should not be exceeded!) * And a protective varnish to enhance and preserve your creation once everything is finished This bias gives character and charm to the kitchen. The little extra: you can easily - and at low cost - transform a classic tile into cement tiles with this method!

The cement tiles personalize the splashback and give character to the kitchen!

Customize wall tile joints

If the total look doesn't inspire you, know that a change, however small, can be just as effective. Here we focus on the tile joints to subtly bring dynamism and originality. We play the card of the duel of colors by offering a marked contrast between tiles and joints. Do not panic, the current joints that you maintain with love will not be dislodged but simply colored. As for hair, there are dyes specially designed for joints. However, a background cleaning of the walls is essential before applying it. We advise you to select a dye that also acts as a putty to remove this step once the product is dry. On the style side, the dark colors accentuate the volumes of the tiles, bring depth, as well as an industrial spirit. For light shades, a softer atmosphere is obtained, in a Scandinavian spirit.