How often to clean your kitchen cupboards?

How often to clean your kitchen cupboards?

Cleaning your cupboards is a matter of hygiene as much as a lesson in organization. Our food must be in a healthy environment. A big spring cleaning in this room is not enough! We share with you our advice to regularly clean your kitchen cupboards with the utmost care.

To clean is first to organize!

Often, cleaning implies first: getting better organized. This is even more true in a kitchen. Indeed, it can very quickly be that the plugs in your food cupboards, in which we pile up the packaging, the boxes, the cardboard packages until playing the puzzle to try to find a last place for this tin can that we just bought. Once a month, carry out a complete sorting of your cupboards by arranging all the foodstuffs on your work plan. Throw out what is expired, then get organized. Choose a floor in your closet and assign it a type of food. Below the salty, above the sweet for example. Then, again, subdivide. Put the foods you use least frequently at the back of your closet, and the ones you use most frequently on the front of your hand. This avoids having to get rid of everything every time you need an ingredient.

Cleaning is a little tidying up

Storing better is daily maintenance

What is in our food cupboards, will end up on our plates, then in our stomach. Impossible then to leave our food in a place which is not impeccable in terms of hygiene. To do this, we must learn to store our food differently and be rigorous on a daily basis. When you open a package and store it open, you multiply the risk of attracting food mites, these disgusting little critters that develop in our cupboards when you leave a food open. Flour, rice, pasta, cereals, cookies, chocolate, mites settle everywhere as soon as a food is not properly closed. This is why, each time you use a food in your cupboard, we advise you to store it in an airtight container. Thus, the development of this scourge is impossible. And your closets preserved.

Use airtight containers to store your food

Your clean cupboards from the bottom up

When we talk about cleanliness in a kitchen, we think of fridge and hot plates first. Because it is the tip of the iceberg! However, the inside of your closets can become a nest of dirt if you don't take the trouble to clean it regularly. Take advantage of sorting to better store your food, to clean the inside of the cupboards. Jars of jam or sticky honey, scattered salt and pepper, spices, crumbs, chances are you will have some of this in your cupboards. Once a month, blow a bleached sponge or at least with a cleaning product, then dry so as not to transmit moisture to your food. Finally, if the outside of your food cupboards is far behind your priorities, you should give them some importance. Remember to clean the top and sides of your cupboards, which often add cooking fat!

There are many tips for cleaning your closets.

Clean regularly to ensure a healthy environment

The kitchen is a sensitive room that deserves our full attention when it comes to cleaning. Although some people are used to cleaning all visible plates, fridge, worktops, it is more rare to think of cleaning the inside of our closets. Our eyes are not riveted in everyday life. Remember to clean the interior of your cupboards once a month, this is the guarantee of a healthy food environment and the assurance of avoiding the development of food mites. Also don't forget the outdoors from time to time! Here is a tip that will save you time: put a paper towel on the top of the high cupboards to protect the furniture, you will only have to change it every time you think about it!

Find the method that's right for you for clean closets!