5 ideas to dare the iridescent trend

5 ideas to dare the iridescent trend

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While it was believed to be exclusive to fashion, the iridescent trend takes hold of our interiors. Straight out of a cartoon or a futuristic universe, it creates true plays of light and frees itself from decorative codes. Under the influence of the holographic trend, furniture and decorative accessories are thus adorned with rainbow colors. But for the less daring, the iridescent decor can also be played with delicate pearly reflections or an oil effect. Discover 5 ideas to dare the iridescent trend!

1. On a mirror:

© Urban Outfitters We could not find a better decorative object than the mirror to create lighting effects indoors. Especially when it comes to an iridescent model! Like this inspiration, the iridescent mirror captures the light and transcribes it with delicacy and poetry. Its rainbow colors attract all eyes and make it the center of all attention. The good decor idea? Use the iridescent mirror as the headboard. What give depth to the room while adding a magical touch to the decoration!

2. On furniture:

© orijeen If you like iridescent decor then you will love the Color Flow furniture collection by Orijeen. Here, the furniture in the collection has lenticular surfaces. In other words, they change colors according to your situation and your movements. A revolutionary detail that gives a whole new dimension to the relationship between furniture and its user. Anyway, we love the rounded shapes and a touch of retro, these pieces of furniture with an atypical look.

3. On a luminaire:

© Anthropologie Although the iridescent trend particularly highlights the colors of the rainbow, it also knows how to play it discreet and soft. This is the case with this suspension, which is only adorned with iridescent reflections. Color level, the rainbow effect is replaced by powdery and golden hues. The shapes are glamorous and feminine. As for style, this light is not a futuristic object! On the contrary, we imagine it rather in a vintage or Art Deco interior. In fact, we would almost forget its iridescent nature!

4. On a cushion

The iridescent trend attracts you but you are afraid of falling for a valuable object and getting bored of it too quickly? Only one solution: handmade! Not only will you save money, but you will also have no regrets if you don't like your creation anymore (something we doubt very much)! To do this, we invite you to take inspiration from this iridescent cushion that we found on the Studio DIY blog. A piece of iridescent fabric, a cushion or special pillow filling, tassels and what to sew will be enough to create this delirious cushion! So what are you waiting for?

5. On the dishes

© Zara Home We finish gently with this crockery in sober tones. And once again, we show you that the iridescent trend is not always as showy as you might think. This time, the iridescent takes a dip in the ocean, taking inspiration from the colors and shapes characteristic of the sea. The shades vary between petrol blue and pearly effect while the shape of the bowls and plates recalls those shells. Anyway, the decoration of the table is far from childish. On the contrary, it is refined and elegant!