5 tips for sorting in your living room

5 tips for sorting in your living room

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Sort, organize? It sounds like a chore we'd like to avoid. Except that a tidal wave on the visual cacophony that has taken hold, from time to time it is a relief! Because it is not only a question of sorting to make a vacuum. It is about taking advantage of a space, from both a practical and aesthetic point of view.

Archive papers

Between the mail that needs to be handled, the one that we have to keep, the one that doesn't really have a "family" and that we don't know where to store, the one that has to make us think of I don't know what ... We is quickly overwhelmed. How to organize? By making archiving very easy. When the final location is identified and easily accessible, it becomes much more natural to slide the missives into their final location. I sincerely vote for thematic boxes: health, banking, car, work ... It's up to you to see which sections best suit your administrative needs, and then slide (in order!) The papers as you go. We can also give space to flyers, so that the fridge looks less like an advertisement for neighborhood pizzas!

Limit storage pockets

The top of a pedestal table in the hallway, a shelf board, a small pot in the hallway… How many storage compartments (and similar, such as "places where I drop things by the way, especially those that have no fixed place ") do you have in your living space? At the time it is practical, but the storage compartment rarely decreases in volume and we end up finding all kinds of amazing things: a bit of "I don't know what it is", broken jewelry more or less repairable, the cap of a pen, grapeshot, a shopping cart token, paper clips, a few buttons of clothing ... The small lonely object is devilishly multiple, so don't give it too much opportunity to settle in. anywhere.

Allocate places to objects

Logical continuation of the storage compartment… Determine a place for a maximum of things, to cut the grass under the foot of uncertainty! The shopping cart token? With your shopping bag, in your wallet, in the car. The button on your shirt? Direction the sewing box, with what will be necessary for the graft to come. Beyond the storage compartment (to be emptied, therefore), there are objects that hang out naturally in the living room and create space that is fairly easy to avoid: the remote controls are not obliged to be exposed on the coffee table, the Newspapers and magazines either. There are very nice storage spaces for these inevitable living rooms.

A space-saving living room, to breathe and decorate!

Be aware of your practices

If every evening you sit in the same chair, with a feeling of ecstasy in the legs when they meet the footrest, it is understandable that you do not spend your time, every day, putting it away. What we want to tickle is the fact that it is always in your legs, suddenly. Unless you integrate this data into your layout! Another example: we all tend to store DVDs near the TV, it makes sense and it goes together. Except that in the end the practical side is derisory compared to the aesthetic imprint of this type of object. What if we changed rooms, or if we stashed them in granny's cute dresser?

Favor the passage in the room, whatever the size

Take a fresh look at things

There are objects and furniture that we have had for so long that we no longer see them. And that's a shame ! Because if we think carefully, this vase that we always had (or almost), we never liked (or barely). The candlesticks on the library, nice but never used. This table service in 12 place settings of a competitive ugliness, family heritage? We will never take it out, it is our honor. So why keep? A sentimental value can end up in a trunk. 48 appetite suppressant plates can find takers on the right corner. In summary, I would tend not to give too much credit to the little phrase "We never know": it makes us keep VHS while the VCR has long disappeared. After 1 year of uselessness, the object deserves to be evaluated again. And in any case, what does he do in the living room? You understood: in this room, we keep what is useful, what is beautiful, and we store elsewhere!