7 planters who take care of watering on their own

7 planters who take care of watering on their own

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When you live a hundred hours or often leave far from home, growing green plants can quickly become impossible. To avoid finding the flowers of your interior or the plants of your garden in agony at each return from vacation, a simple solution exists: the pot with water reserve. And because keeping your plants alive does not have to mean saving your savings, dé has selected seven of these magic pots for you at a low price.

1. Transparent water tank, Cube Boskke, from € 29.95 2. Irrigating wall flowerpot, L'Avant Gardiste, € 34.95 3. Pastel planters with water tank, Lechuza Deltini, € 16.95 4. Contemporary vase with water reserve, Fleux ', from € 39.95 5. Practical and design planter, Ikea, € 25 6. Timeless garden planter, Hobby Flower, from 72 € 7. Water reserve pot, Riviera, from € 39.99

1. The little bin that puts your plants bare

Thanks to this pot, your plants will have no secrets for you. With its transparency, it allows you to observe the roots developing and to easily monitor the level of the water reserve. Cube Boskke, from € 29.95.

2. The self-irrigating flower pot that dresses your walls

Plants on the wall are nice, but when it comes to watering them, it's not always easy. With this little pot, no more puzzles! He waters your plants for you. L'Avant Gardiste, € 34.95.

3. Planters that resist everything

Made of an ultra-resistant material, these small planters in pastel colors can find their place both indoors and outdoors. Lechuza Deltini, € 16.95.

4. The vase with water reserve which does not forget to be beautiful

This blown glass vase simplifies our lives by watering our plants while decorating our interior. Fleux ', from € 39.95.

5. The practical and design tank pot

This plant pot, with its steel base and its terracotta container, proves that even our plants can adopt the bi-material trend. Ikea PS, 25 €.

6. The all-terrain hydro-gardener

With its traditional lines, its ultra-contemporary colors and its materials resistant to extreme temperatures, this planter can blend in with any interior style and in any garden. Hobby Flower, from € 72.

7. The great classic of water reserve pots

For more than 50 years, this self-irrigating pot has taken care of watering our plants on its own. Thanks to all its colors, it allows us to green our house as our exterior without making a cross on the decor! Riviera, from € 39.99.