How to paint a varnished piece of furniture?

How to paint a varnished piece of furniture?

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The material necessary to paint a varnished piece of furniture

To paint your varnished furniture, you need :

  • a sponge,
  • a toothbrush (optional),
  • a dry cloth,
  • lukewarm water,
  • Marseille soap,
  • coarse and fine-grained sandpaper or sandpaper,
  • one or more brushes of different sizes,
  • a paint roller,
  • a paint tray,
  • a primer or undercoat paint,
  • a furniture paint of the color you have chosen,
  • a colorless matt or glossy varnish for furniture.

The steps to paint a varnished piece of furniture

1 - Wash the varnished piece of furniture with Marseille soap

Start with dust your varnished furniture with a dry cloth. Then make a soapy water based on Marseille soap. It should be neither too cold nor too hot. Immerse your sponge in it and wring it out coarsely. Thoroughly clean all surfaces of your furniture with the smooth side of the sponge. Use a toothbrush, if necessary, for furniture hollows that are difficult to reach with the sponge. Rinse your furniture with clean, lukewarm water, then wipe it dry with a dry cloth. Your furniture is clean and free of dust, dirt and grease; he is ready for the sanding !

2 - Sand the varnished piece of furniture with sandpaper or abrasive paper

Briefly sand the entire surface of your furniture using Sandpaper or abrasive paper coarse-grained. Continue with fine-grained sandpaper. This will allow the grip primary or undercoat paint to adhere well to the wood. Attention, have a light hand while rubbing your furniture with sandpaper. Lightly scrape in small strokes. The goal is not to create lots of scratches on your furniture undergoing renovation, right? Is sanding finished? Dust your furniture again with a dry cloth. Your furniture is now ready for painting.

3 - Apply a primer or an undercoat paint on the varnished furniture

The grip primary where the undercoat paint is essential to the good adhesion of the paint! Without it, the paint would risk chipping in the long term ... Especially since, if your furniture was covered with a very thick varnish, such as lacquer, sanding is not enough ... Then apply a primer on your furniture using a paint roller and brushes. Let your furniture dry for several hours.

4 - Paint the varnished furniture in two layers

Apply a first coat of paint on your furniture using the paint roller and brushes that have been thoroughly cleaned and dried beforehand. Let your furniture dry for the time indicated on the paint bucket. Then apply a second coat of paint. Let your furniture dry again. Attention, note that it is important to paint thin layers of paint by crossing them from top to bottom and from left to right. This promotes their best adherence on the support without leaving any traces!

5 - Apply a colorless varnish on the painted varnished furniture

Whether matt or shiny, the installation of a colorless varnish on your furniture will allow it to remain protected against stains and scratches. Once your furniture is completely dry, apply the varnish over its entire surface with, again, brushes previously cleaned and dried. Again, favor thin layers. Finally let your furniture dry for at least a day.

It is done ! Your previously tristounet varnished buffet is now repainted like new! Make your dining room stylish, right? Now want to renovate your varnished table? Discover all our tips for getting there without any difficulty or worry.