Outdoor gift ideas for the whole family!

Outdoor gift ideas for the whole family!

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A nice garden furniture

For natural decoration in your garden, we advise you to acquire a nice rattan garden furniture. Composed of a sofa and a few armchairs, add a coffee table in the same style for your aperitif evenings or your breakfasts on your terrace.

Opt for an anthracite gray color that will not fail to bring a modern and chic touch, or else for a natural rattan, for a more authentic decoration close to nature.

Add some soft cushions, suitable for outdoor use, and get ready to spend long moments with family or friends as soon as the beautiful days come up.

A plancha

What could be better than good grilled meats and roasted vegetables the plancha for a happy meal under the sun? Synonymous with fast and low-fat cooking, the plancha is more practical to use than a traditional barbecue. It also allows you to prepare healthy meals, which will be perfect for enjoying all summer long without feeling guilty.

There are several types of plancha on the market. The planchas are generally powered by electricity or gas. We find models in stainless steel or cast iron, stainless steel being easier to clean on a daily basis. It's up to you to choose the plancha that corresponds to your use to make the right choice!

An inflatable spa

Admit that having a home spa is more a dream than a reality… And yet, with very affordable prices, inflatable spas guarantee you excellent moments of relaxation, alone or with others! This is a real pleasure gift that will please Christmas!

Also calledinflatable jacuzzi, the inflatable spa does not require any installation work before installation. However, care must be taken to install it on level ground, not on a slope.

In a few hours, you inflate it and install it where you want, in your garden. Add the water, heat it for a few minutes and then sit comfortably in your inflatable spa. Some higher-end models offer different programs of massaging water jets, as in thalassotherapy.

A trampoline

Outdoor trampolines are a real playground for children, but also for older children. Choose a well-equipped trampoline with net, ladder and protective cover, in order to have a reliable equipment and allowing your children to have fun in complete safety.

As with the inflatable spa, install the trampoline on a straight and suitable floor to ensure good stability for the whole.

Original buoys

If you have a pool in your garden, then here is a simple gift idea that will make people happy this summer: original buoys ! In the form of donuts, flamingo, unicorn or even pineapple, these buoys have been very trendy for years, especially on social networks. This is a way to combine fun and safety in your family pool!

A multiplayer portal

This is a gift idea for Christmas that will make your children very happy! install a multiplayer portal in your garden to give them long hours of outdoor fun this summer.

The gantries are often composed of several elements: wooden hut, swing, slide, rope, etc. They also exist in different materials: plastic, wood, metal… The most resistant are those made of wood, provided they are well maintained. Regularly check that the gantry equipment is in good condition, to avoid any risk of accident.

It is also advisable to take into account the dimensions of your garden and those of the portico. A space of 2m on each side of the gantry is necessary to be able to circulate well around. Also avoid installing the gantry near trees, to avoid any accident.


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