I want yellow flowers on my balcony!

I want yellow flowers on my balcony!

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It is not only in decoration that color makes it possible to structure space and create beneficial vibrations. Also on the balcony, the choice of a dominant color brings character and energy to your planters. If you are looking to energize your balcony with a bright and sunny color that makes you want to go outside in all weathers, opt without hesitation for yellow! Here is our selection of flowers to grow season by season.

What plants to grow to have yellow flowers on my balcony in spring?

In spring, the first flowers to emerge from the earth pay homage to the yellow color of the sun! Bulb sides are daffodils, daffodils, yellow hyacinths, certain spring crocuses and tulips. But spring is also the season for primroses, irises, peonies, freesias and buttercups: choose yellow varieties for a revitalizing spring! * Daffodils * Narcissus * Golden spring crocuses (Crocus flavus) * Yellow tulips, early double tulip Monte Beau * Yellow hyacinths * Yellow garden buttercup (Ranunculus asiaticus Yellow) * Shrub peony 'Chromatella' or 'Paeonia suffruticosa' * Yellow snapdragons * Trolls Echeveria (succulents with yellow flowers) * Yellow roses Sunny Pin's * Primroses * Yellow iris 'Louis d'or' * Freesias

Spring primroses flower from March

Yellow flowers on my balcony for the summer

Summer will be yellow or won't be! Solar color par excellence, yellow is available throughout the summer in an infinity of varieties that give energy to the balcony. From coreopsis to zinnias to gerberas, hibiscus and dahlias, you will be spoiled for choice to compose 100% energizing planters. * Sunflowers * Rudbeckias * Yellow Hibiscus * Evening Primrose * Yellow Roses * Yellow Cosmos * Saxifrages * Yellow Dahlias * Yellow Hollyhocks * Zinnias * Gerberas * Yellow Poppies * Sanvitalias * Coreopsis * Immortals * Helianthi * Gazanias

Gazanias to light up your balcony!

Yellow flowers for fall

In autumn, the last yellow dahlias still bloom until October. Then comes the turn of the autumn crocuses, asters and of course chrysanthemums, to plant generously to compose planters to instantly forget the gray sky! * Yellow chrysanthemums * Autumn crocus (Sternbergia lutea) * Pansies 'Yellow Penny' * Asters 'Golden Sunshine'

Chrysanthemums to make you forget the gray sky!

Yellow flowers for winter

During the long winter months, nature does everything possible to offer us colorful flowers that help to wait until spring. While waiting for the flowering of the mimosa (which grows very well in pots on the balcony), plant golden yellow and lemon yellow pansies, yellow hellebores and a beautiful winter jasmine! * Pansies * Yellow Hellebores * Dwarf Iris (Iris danfordiae) * Winter Jasmine * Mimosa

Thoughts to wait until spring