8 cool accessories for your Christmas crib!

8 cool accessories for your Christmas crib!

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1. Nativity figurines

The nativity figurines are inseparable from the image of Christmas. Authentic and realistic, they invite us to travel the two millennia that separate us from the baby Jesus, who was born under the tender gaze of his parents.
Choose the figurines of your choice, which you can have either in a traditional Christmas crib, or in another staging of your choice!

2. A miniature wooden village

Do you want to let yourself be tempted by the miniature Christmas village this year but you do not want to embark on something too complicated? Opt for a miniature wooden Christmas village of minimalist inspiration that will light up with a thousand lights thanks to its mini-lamps.

3. A complete Christmas crib

The tradition of Christmas cribs has its roots in the distant past. It will give your decor an authentic and warm touch. We never tire of admiring these miniature characters, imbued with realism and poetry. And if you do not want to compose your Christmas crib yourself by buying the crib on the one hand and the santons on the other hand, you can opt for an already ready crib which will give you less work, and a perfect result!

4. A mini Christmas village

If this year you are hesitating between the Christmas crib and the complete Christmas village, cut the pear in half by opting for a miniature Christmas mini-village, with a place reserved for the nativity scene in the foreground. You will be able to add more characters and more decoration than in a classic Christmas crib, but without all the work that a real reconstructed Christmas village requires!

5. Provençal figurines for crèche

If you are the type to respect traditions 100% at Christmas and you are looking for santons to decorate your Christmas crib, a choice will immediately be imposed on you: that of Provençal santons! Handmade for decades, they are certainly full of charm and will not fail to come decorate your nursery or your Christmas village.

6. A (false) gingerbread house

Do you want a slightly original house to decorate your Christmas village? And why not a gingerbread house, which will make it look like a fairy tale? With a nice decor and small childish characters (to take Hansel and Gretel) around, the atmosphere will be perfect!

7. A miniature church

We decorate a miniature village for the Christmas party as we compose a painting. What a pleasure to carefully choose each decoration! Realistic and colorful, this pretty church should not fail to embellish your miniature hamlet, to the delight of young and old! Obviously, to complete the decor, don't forget the characters, the houses, the other stalls…

8. A mini Christmas house

To illuminate the base of your tree, think of a perfect accessory: a miniature Christmas village house ... but in which you can put a candle! So, when the candle is lit, the house is lit, and when it goes out, smoke escapes through the chimney. Magic !