Household chores ? Yes, but sporty!

Household chores ? Yes, but sporty!

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Barbing the household? Not so sure ! The editorial team at dé gives you some tips for reconciling sport and cleaning. Don your favorite sports outfit right away ... You'll never see housekeeping the same way again!

Cleaning is sport!

Mr. Clean's muscles did not lie to us: cleaning is sport! Vacuuming for 30 minutes will burn 130 calories. Washing the tiles works flexibility and stretching. Not to mention the virtues of the lawn mower that makes you lose 215 calories in 30 minutes ... as much as a jogging session! Obviously, the more energetic the household activities, the more calories we burn… and the more it puts us in a good mood. A boon for overwhelmed parents but also for all those who do not have the time, money or motivation to go to the gym ... So, gentlemen, ladies we get motivated to clean, sweep, polish ... and moving please!

Housekeeping + gardening = busy sports program!

Some exercises for a sports household

With a few simple sports exercises, you can give an athletic note to the daily and Sunday cleaning session: -During the dishes : we contract the buttocks, the legs and the muscles of the abdominal belt then we release, without rest, until the dishes sparkle. -Passing the mop : we kneel and we do fitness exercises by polishing the floor. -Emptying the dishwasher : we take this opportunity to do some "squat" exercises by grabbing pans and plates in the dishwasher. -Passing the broom : we take the time to strengthen the obliques and the abdominals by performing a few rotations of the bust, broom behind the neck. -Ironing the laundry : we burn calories (rather than the collar of the shirt ...) by bending and stretching the legs. -Washing the tiles : large circular movements are made with the arms, all on one foot and in balance. Something to get you in shape for spring cleaning… sporty. Come on !