How do I clean my curtains?

How do I clean my curtains?

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Cotton, linen, hemp, velvet, satin, silk or taffeta ... Each curtain requires special cleaning depending on its material. The curtains can be washed by hand in lukewarm water or in the machine with gentle programs at 30 ° and without spinning.


1. Practical advice for clean curtains 2. How to clean cotton curtains and sheers? 3. How to clean linen and hemp curtains? 4. How to clean synthetic curtains? 5. How to clean delicate curtains?

1- Practical advice for very clean curtains

* Clean your curtains at least twice a year, or even more if you are prone to allergies. * Adapt the washing cycle to the material of your curtains * Check the labels of your curtains where the manufacturer generally indicates the recommended washing method. * First remove the dust using a vacuum cleaner. * Do not wash your curtains with detergents containing bleaches. * If you prefer to wash your curtains by hand, opt for Marseille soap. * Do not dry your curtains in the sun at the risk of making their colors fade. * Iron the printed curtains inside out. advice : To find out if your curtain could discolour, moisten a cotton swab with water and rub it on the inside hem. If the cotton is colored, stop everything and go drop your curtain at the dry cleaners.

2- How to clean cotton curtains and sheers?

Cotton curtains are generally very easy to clean. Wash them in the machine, at 30 ° maximum to prevent them from shrinking, by choosing a "wool" program and a minimum spin. Iron them barely and being careful of the excessively high temperatures. If you want to whiten your initially white curtains, there are a few grandmother's tips: * Add lemon juice to the detergent drawer * Add baking powder to your laundry powder * Add 125 ml of soda crystals to your laundry. The soda crystals will also help fight against lime deposits in the washing machine. * Add a tablespoon of sorrel salt to the detergent drawer to restore whiteness to the curtains that turn gray.

3- How to clean linen and hemp curtains?

Whether your curtains are linen or hemp, you can wash them by hand or machine. * For hand washing: soak your curtains in warm, soapy water. Wring them out without twisting them and hang them to drain them. * For a machine wash: opt for a wool program, without spinning, and chlorine-free liquid detergent, which tends to yellow linen. In general linen does not iron, but if you care, do it when the material is still a little damp.

4- How to clean synthetic curtains?

If your curtains are polyester or generally synthetic, prefer a 30 ° soft program, and ideally a "wool" program, without spinning. For the drying stage: sponge your curtains between 2 towels so as not to damage them and let them hang dry, directly on the rods, or on a wire so as not to crease them.

5- How to clean delicate curtains?

In silk, taffeta, satin or velvet ... your curtains are extremely delicate and require a lot of attention. Wash them by hand in a large bowl (or bathtub) filled with lukewarm water. Do not rub but press gently, then leave to soak for 5 minutes maximum. Rinse well with cold water, pat dry your curtains between two towels and then dry them flat, or hang them, away from the sun and radiators. advice : iron your delicate curtains on the wrong side at low temperature or use a steamer that will vaporize hot water vapor without coming into contact with the fabric.