How to choose your veranda?

How to choose your veranda?

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Synonymous with the art of living, the veranda provides a light transition between the house and the garden. To enjoy the happiness of an extra room, we take stock of the questions to ask before choosing your veranda. Style, material, glazing and options: light on the veranda!

Choose the plan, shape and style of your veranda

Herringbone, L-shaped, angled, built-in or star-shaped: the veranda is available in an infinite number of plans, shapes, styles and finishes that vary according to the environment and the style of house it marries. Whether you are creating a veranda to create an office or to enjoy the comfort of an open-air living room, these additional square meters adjoining your house must take into account the characteristics of your home and your desires. Orientation, climate, function of the room, style of architecture, configuration of the place and regional planning regulations guide your choices. The desired comfort objectives, personal tastes, desires and the budget allocated to your veranda project will have the last word.

Why choose an aluminum veranda?

Light, robust, recyclable and stainless ... Aluminum is THE flagship material for building verandas. Popular for its resistance to any test and its ease of maintenance, the aluminum veranda is also a formidable ally in terms of aesthetics. Its fine and discreet joinery makes it possible to support large glazing and to play on design, shapes and colors. On the insulation side, the thermal conductivity that was once criticized for aluminum is now stopped clearly by profiles with thermal break allied to glazing with reinforced insulation. These performances make aluminum the favorite material of the French for the construction of their veranda: 90% of them are made of aluminum profiles with thermal break!

Choose your options for a functional veranda

The veranda is no longer this frequented volume for a few months a year when the sun is mild enough ... but not too much, at the risk of being too hot! A real living room, it now has high-performance accessories so you can enjoy it all year round. Provided you choose the right glass and options! If almost all aluminum joinery is now fitted with thermal breakers (essential!), It is the combination of profiles, glazing and options that makes all the difference. To enlighten you in the plethora of choices available, here is a selection of options offered by the manufacturers: - Reinforced thermal insulation glazing (VIR) : adds to the quality of the insulation and limits energy loss without affecting the brightness. - Solar control glazing : avoids overheating of verandas facing due south during the summer season. - Burglar-proof glazing : delays the action of possible burglars. - Acoustic glazing : notably attenuates the sound of rain on the veranda roof. - Stores : indoor or outdoor, motorized or not, they protect the roof and the facade from the sun's rays. - Roller shutters : another very practical thermal protection. Find more information on the Véranda Alu website. In partnership with Architecture & Aluminum


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