How to properly decorate your Christmas tree?

How to properly decorate your Christmas tree?

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With Christmas approaching, everyone thinks of preparing the decoration of their house, especially that of the fir tree. If the Christmas tree decoration exercise begins every year, it is not necessarily easy. Véronique Antelme-Rambaldi, stylist and author of many videos for déco.fr, gives us her keys to having the most beautiful tree!

How to choose a theme?

So there are several possibilities. We can operate at the stroke of heart seen in a shop or adapt the decor of the tree to its interior. I think it's mainly based on the vision we have of Christmas. If for you, Christmas is a matter of tradition you will prefer red and green. And if you do not envisage Christmas without snow, you will surely choose a decoration in white and silver tones. Also note that you don't have to change the theme every year. Instead, keep the general idea and buy some accessories just to make you happy.

Where should we start to decorate a tree?

As far as I'm concerned, I always start with the light garlands. They allow you to better see the depths and the spaces to be dressed afterwards. They structure the tree in a way. Then I place the balls and I finish with the garlands because that's what finishes the decor. I do not necessarily put it but it is still a final touch that brings a lot of reflections.

How to harmonize everything?

There needs to be some consistency! For example, even if the decorations are different, they must echo each other. The harmony is mainly in the colors and not so much in the form. This is why I advise not to exceed more than two or three colors. And for the garlands, choose a single color which will be included in the balls. Above all, play on the depths and do not limit yourself to the edges of the tree. What is interesting is to put decorations even near the trunk.