Les Meubles Bouchiquet: always at the forefront of the latest furniture trends

Les Meubles Bouchiquet: always at the forefront of the latest furniture trends

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The location of the store opened by Mr Isaie Vandenbusshe, cabinet maker and furniture manufacturer, in the center of Bergues, more than a century ago, has not changed. In 1970, his grandson Paul Bouchiquet changed it from manufacturing furniture to distributing handcrafted furniture. The workshop becomes a store exhibiting furniture, living rooms, dining rooms, beds, storage, dressing rooms, bedding and lighting in a space of more than 1800m2 with the motto "Quality at the best price".

Evolution of styles: country, charm, stylized, modern, contemporary, Scandinavian, design…

Since Ms. Isabelle Geloen took over the brand in 2007, the range offered has expanded. It offers medium-high-end products with brands Stresless, Fama, Burov, Bontempi Casa, Calligaris, Célio, Tempur, Simmons and many others ... while adapting to everyone's budget. If the oak furniture is still current, the contemporary furniture charms more and more our customers. To meet demand, Bouchiquet furniture is inspired by new products discovered at furniture fairs in Paris, Brussels, Cologne, Milan, etc.

However, the values ​​have not changed. The proximity to the customer, the quality of the furniture, the advice and the efficient services have made the reputation of Meubles Bouchiquet throughout the region.

Quality services

If his reputation is so strong in the north, it is undoubtedly also thanks to the quality of his services at the store. Experienced sellers accompany you and help you find the product you are looking for.

The plus: they come to your home to offer you home coaching. The integrated delivery team travels to Paris to assemble the furniture and give advice on its maintenance. They also install your lights and mirrors. They also carry out the free return of your old furniture for recycling for the respect of the environment. Although the furniture warranty is 2 years, Bouchiquet furniture always finds a solution beyond this period. Soon, Meubles Bouchiquet will move to the commercial area at the entrance to Bergues, in order to continue offering new universes. Contact : Meubles Bouchiquet, 49 rue Nationale, 59380 Bergues Telephone: 03 28 68 62 21 Email: [email protected] Site: Facebook:


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