I want a blue living room!

I want a blue living room!

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Deep, timeless and soothing, the blue color brings character and serenity to the decor. Traditionally used in the bedroom and the bathroom, the different shades of blue also work miracles in the living room, in dominant color or azure touches. So, ready for a dip in the deep blue?

Blue, a soothing color full of personality

If blue is by far the favorite color of the French, perhaps it is because it evokes a feeling of fullness and calm, like that which one feels when looking at the sea or the pristine sky. Indigo blue, Kein blue, majorelle blue, turquoise blue, blue-gray or pastel blue, this color in turn evokes travel and the Greek islands, the freshness of water, the universe of childhood or the vastness of the ocean. It gives off a feeling of calm which makes it one of the colors systematically associated with well-being and relaxation. In decoration, blue can be used both as a warm color or as a cold color depending on its shade. It enlarges the space by bringing it depth and brings personality to the room, whatever its style. Because if blue is very widespread in fashion, it remains considered as a pointed color in decoration, especially when it is used where it is not expected…

A blue living room enhanced with a mustard armchair

Blue on the living room walls

In the living room, blue invites itself on a section of wall to create an atmosphere that is both zen and colorful. Duck blue has no equal in bringing pep's to a small room, while blue-gray plays the card of classicism wonderfully. If the living room is dark, sky blue, pastel blue or turquoise blue give the impression of pushing back the walls, while the navy blue is revealed with crazy elegance. In all cases, we choose a few decorative accessories in the same shade as the wall to create a feeling of unity, then we have fun creating contrasts or tone-on-tone effects with the accessories…

A bright and dynamic blue living room!

I want a blue sofa and accessories!

But to succumb to the charm of the blue living room, there is no need to go through the paint box. Centerpiece, an indigo sofa alone can set the tone of the living room. Associated with a carpet, a lampshade and blue decorative objects, it allows you to redesign the space and change the atmosphere for a weekend… So why not change blue every season, with for example example a royal blue for winter and a water green blue for summer?

A blue sofa to give depth to the living room

What other colors to choose in a blue living room?

In a blue living room, yellow and orange hues are essential. A mustard armchair, lemon yellow cushions or a large fluorescent orange vase awaken the decor, but be careful not to abuse it too much to avoid chromatic saturation! Very fashionable at the moment, brass is also perfect for enhancing a blue living room. We use and abuse it in suspensions, lights and various accessories ... Conversely, the cream, beige or gray tones calm the whole and promote a feeling of more sober but just as appreciable relaxation ... On the other hand, if green finds its place very well in a blue living room, we prefer to avoid red, burgundy and mauve ... But everyone has their tastes and colors!

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