Our 7 Best Home Organization Ideas

Our 7 Best Home Organization Ideas

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At dé, we have been interested for a while in everything that can make your life easier. If you love dream homes, we also know that you'd rather dream of your home for the better. We are also convinced that a house in which one feels good is not only a well decorated house, it is also a well organized house. With all our articles devoted to this subject, you already have something to inspire you but today we have chosen to talk to you about our 10 favorite tips. In a way, the cream of the crop of organizational ideas.

Staging your vacation photos

With the arrival of digital cameras, we pose without feeling guilty as soon as the opportunity arises. When all these photos deserve better than lying in a computer folder, right? If organizing your family photos does not seem like the most pleasant idea, it can become so when you transform the task into a decoration activity. We take example from this article in which we can find 4 cool and original ideas to stage all of our vacation photos. We flash on!

The masking tape saves us!

Hang our aromatic plants

Plants are not only there to look pretty, they also have a health and culinary interest in our house. An additional reason to welcome them in our kitchen to decorate all our dishes. Only we always want it to stay beautiful so we roll up the sleeves and we are inspired by this very easy DIY which allows to recycle simple cans in decorative pots too cute.

Our plants deserve the best!

Put away our spices

Still in the kitchen, we attack spices. Like aromatic herbs, they make any recipe amazing. It would be wrong to deprive yourself of these multiple scents. To appreciate this whole palette of flavors, we fill up on spices but with an organization that facilitates their use. In our article on tips for storing spices, we particularly fell in love with baby jars transformed into spice jars. Add the name of the condiment on the lid with chalk paint. With this organization, we are sure to make progress in the kitchen!

No more excuses to miss your dishes!

Make origami boxes

If you don't have a baby around you (and therefore no baby jars), don't panic. You can store everything at home thanks to small origami boxes. Our tutorial allows you with a simple square of paper, preferably thick, to organize your drawers so that you never lose your belongings again. In addition to being practical, these small boxes will brighten up the interior of your cabinets. Just mix patterns and colors and you will no longer look gloomy at your storage. Long live sorting with origami!

Everything has its place

Recycle old toys

When children get older, they give up the majority of their toys. If the garage sale or gift option is a good solution for sorting, we can also recycle old toys to store our interior. Our article dedicated to the second life of these toys offers you the opportunity to keep these memories in an original and practical form. Whether they become bookends or jewelry holders, your children's old companions are perfect decorative objects in the making.

Finally, plastic is fantastic!

Use cans

We come back to these famous cans which accumulate all the good points. They cost practically nothing, are easy to find, and little is enough to give them utility. In 10 photos, we show you that the jars are your best allies for storing everything in the house. We especially fell for this little makeup organizer, irresistible with these lace bands.

enough to save 5 minutes every morning!

Hijack without hesitation

If you do not feel the soul of a handyman, you can still have fun with the hijacking of object (or hack in English). It is very simple to achieve, the goal being to use a product by changing its main function. On this side, dé spoils you and we regularly offer you ideas to divert the decor way. We love, for example, finding ideas for ikea objects like in this article. Among the great ideas, we are still captivated by this idea of ​​a headboard made from shoe storage.

And in addition we can store our sheets!