Vandenbroucke Décoration: to escape, at home

Vandenbroucke Décoration: to escape, at home

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Established since 1957 in the 11th arrondissement in Paris, Vandenbroucke Décoration offers a wide range of products dedicated to interior decoration. Initially and mainly aimed at building professionals and individuals, Vandenbroucke saw its offer open since 2007 to the world of events and cinema, inspired by its current director Cédric Leroy.

Vandenbroucke and cinema

With its experience and competence, Vandenbroucke Décoration comes to be regularly consulted to assist in the creation of decorations. With a very wide range, whose influences range from the end of the 18th century to the present day, Vandenbroucke Décoration is gradually becoming a real database for interior decorators and collaborates on several large cinematographic productions, shows and advertisements. From project to project, the CEO simultaneously develops a sure taste and asserts his own style.

The boldness of colors and textures

"Today, people come to see me for my selection and my advice," he enthuses. And precisely as a good decoration coach, he recommends that we dare: "for me, wallpaper is a touch of humor, the way to deformalize the decoration of a house or apartment. It immediately gives an identity to a place ". To take measured risks, nothing better than being inspired by cinema and fashion, in particular "to find associations of colors that are out of the ordinary or to be daring in the choice of textures."

Wonder without breaking the bank

"A roll of standard wallpaper, 5m2, costs between 55 € and 75 € for a consistent budget. It is not necessary to line the entire room," he reassures. You can opt for the headboard, the living room wall hosting the sofa or the hallway to give the feeling that you change the universe as soon as you enter the front door. We increasingly want to make our own space apart, which looks like us and where we feel good, for ourselves but also to amaze others. Because we “escape at home”, more and more.

Contact : Vandenbroucke Décoration, 22-24 rue du Général Guilhem, 75011 Paris Telephone: 01 48 05 36 66 Email: [email protected] Site:


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