What art photography to decorate your interior?

What art photography to decorate your interior?

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Have you ever thought about buying an art photograph? No ? Perhaps you think that these works of art are still reserved for very high budgets ... Error, and it is time to break this cliché. The art photography , What is that ? Already, art photography is for everyone! But before choosing, take care to check the number of copies of the photograph and the presence of the artist's signature. Indeed, a photograph published in several hundred (or even thousands) of copies will not have the same value as a photograph signed by the artist and numbered to less than 30 copies, in accordance with French art law. If you want to design a truly original decoration while being sure not to find the same photograph with your friends while also betting on an artist who may gain value, prefer sites specialized in this niche, such as the online gallery ArtPhotoLimited. But before falling for a "favorite" photograph, choose the room in which you want to exhibit it. It is indeed important to ensure that the agreement between the style of your decoration and the photography is perfect! We found the art photo which will go best with each style of decoration, we let you discover our great selection…

What art photo to hang on the walls of a contemporary apartment?

Are you more classic in decoration? We suggest that you favor architectural photographs which are generally very refined: precise lines, sharp perspective, unsaturated colors, these characteristics will allow your photography to integrate perfectly into your interior while giving it the artistic dimension that it perhaps lacked. This type of photography is particularly suitable for large formats, so if your interior allows, do not hesitate to see it big! A photograph of 80x120cm or even 100x150cm will certainly mark your guests. We were particularly seduced by the photographs of the artist Romain Thierry who specialized in architectural photographs of majestic places abandoned.

This photograph, titled Requiem for piano 3, is thus part of a series devoted to abandoned pianos. We particularly appreciate the contrast between the bright light of the room and this poor abandoned piano.

Are you more Scandinavian decor?

If Scandinavian furniture is your favorite, how about warming up the atmosphere of your apartment with photographs that showcase bright colors? Colors and light found in particular in India, country where the festival of colors takes place every year, called Holi. A party that gave Alexandre Peplaw the opportunity to immortalize a magical scene of a young boy literally blowing color pigments in the crowd. These photographs offer a particularly successful rendering when they are framed by a white master key (also called marie-louise) inserted inside a black frame. It is also interesting to have several photographs in small format (for example 20x30cm) side by side, in order to create a real atmosphere of trips to the other side of the world in your interior.

Does industrial style hold no secrets for you?

Brick wall, industrial furniture, metal elements, refined decoration to its bare minimum, if the industrial style corresponds to your vision of decoration, we suggest that you favor black and white photos . In particular, street photographs in black and white will undoubtedly seduce you with their spontaneous, instantaneous side, "taken from life". The photographs of the artist Baptiste Sibé are thus part of the long tradition of street photography: here no staging or flourishing, it is a question of giving a realistic representation of daily life through the eye of the artist. Photography The life behind the costume (on the left), particularly seduced us by the play of reflections seized on the window of this clothing store. As for photography Under the paving stones, the beach , it invites us to question ourselves with humor on our approach to consumption. "Raw" photographs which it is preferable to hang on an aluminum lamination (the photographic print is stuck on an aluminum plate which it is easy to hang on the wall).

Do you like the campaign?

How to integrate a photograph in a rural interior? Not so simple indeed to marry old fireplace, plants or old furniture with a contemporary photography . It is therefore better to avoid overly colorful photographs which may strongly denote with the rest of your universe. Again, our choice is towards black and white photographs which will integrate more easily into your atmosphere. We have selected a series imagined as an ode to nature: the photographs At the foot of the city ,Pressigny and Pressigny 2 by Anthony Hamidovic. Photographs which give off an intense light, despite the natural filter of black and white.

These photographs will give the best effect by being juxtaposed on a wall and framed soberly. It is therefore better to favor medium-sized formats like the 51x34cm.

For an apartment near the sea

If you live near the coast, how about strengthening the maritime atmosphere of your interior with a sublime photograph taken in Brittany? We fell in love with photography Beacons , by photographer Franck Belloeil.

Taken at daybreak by the artist,Beacons highlights the entrance to the port of Loctudy, located in Finistère. A port plunged in a magic light which seems surreal. A soothing photograph that we never tire of.

For a "Zen" decoration

If decoration rhymes with zen for you, you will no doubt be charmed by photography scuba .

The picture Turtle and diver by Yannick Le Merlus is particularly relaxing. We imagine the emotions that the photographer must have felt while swimming a few centimeters from this majestic turtle. Emotions that he managed to transcribe perfectly in this photograph which creates a feeling of osmosis with this sublime animal! Besides its main subject which inspires serenity, the grain of the image also immerses us in a particularly relaxing underwater world. A photograph that you will enjoy contemplating every evening after a busy day at work!

Vintage atmosphere

Do you like design from the 1950s to the 1970s? Does your interior already have a vintage feel? It's not easy to find a contemporary photograph that fits well with your furniture. With the bright colors characteristic of vintage (red and yellow in particular), we suggest that you favor color photographs , like the picture Blurry muscle car by Edouard Nicollas.

Artistic blur, typical and legendary American car, a road that calls for adventure ... No doubt, the composition of this photograph, its style and its subject are an assumed homage to vintage. You can find our selection and more on ArtPhotoLimited.