Planet Bedding specialist in prestigious bedding in Paris since 1990

Planet Bedding specialist in prestigious bedding in Paris since 1990

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Because finding the ideal mattress for sweet dreams can quickly turn into a nightmare, Planète Literie will take the time to advise you the best. If the store offers the biggest brands of mattresses such as Simmons, Treca, Beautyrest… it is distinguished by an offer turned towards the top of the range, their hand-sewn mattresses as well as their tailor-made quality advice, at the best market price.

Bedding specialist since 1990

It is not for nothing that the leaders of Planète Literie choose the high-end. Concerned about the comfort of their customers, they offer French quality products and collaborates with upholsterers, taking care to select good materials. With transparency and support, they identify your needs in terms of comfort and decoration.

Planet bedding, a family home from father to daughter

Because selling dreams and sleeping well becomes accessible, the 2nd generation continues to make the shop in the 17th century (Porte Maillot) Planète Literie stand out from other houses thanks to its warm welcome, its own delivery service and its various choices of mattresses quickly available worldwide.

A unique and creative bedding offer

Planet bedding does not stop at the simple multi-brand distribution of mattresses. They innovate, create, invent and meet the storage and decoration needs of their customers. Maison Planète Literie is always on the lookout for new decorative trends and fabrics from publishers to continue creating. The boutique will assist you in choosing and making custom headboards. When it comes to saving space, Planète Literie will be able to offer you clever solutions such as: pull-out beds, drawers, box springs or even convertible sofas.

Mattresses for all tastes up to the King Size

Because each person is different, Planète bedding offers a full range ranging from classic mattresses, hotel comfort to American mattresses 45 cm thick. You will find unique bedding highly selected by Planète Literie.

Contact : Planète Literie, 100 avenue des Ternes, 75017 Paris Phone: 01 55 37 14 00 Site: Instagram: @planeteliterie


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