The 8 essentials for a Scandinavian living room

The 8 essentials for a Scandinavian living room

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1. The wooden and fabric sofa

In one scandinavian living room (or in a very simple living room for that matter), the sofa is THE centerpiece that sets the tone for the decoration. And if you want to create a Nordic atmosphere in your living room, no hesitation possible: opt for a sofa Scandinavian style, recognizable among all with its sleek look, its natural wooden feet and its fabric seat in soft and soothing colors (blue, yellow, pink, water green, etc.). Functional and design, it is the flagship piece of furniture in the Scandinavian style that will impatiently await you in your living room to take care of you!

2. The wooden suspension

The scandinavian decoration is a very refined decoration: if you want to transform your living room into a Scandinavian living room, make a cross on the decoration pieces and the loaded or overworked furniture! For lighting, for example, nothing like bringing light with one (or more) wire suspension with simple and clear lines, in bamboo or in another natural material (wicker, etc.).

3. The patterned cushions

To dress a fabric sofa or a piece of furniture in your scandinavian living room, bet on Nordic inspired cushions. These are, in 99.9% of the cases, in fabric, and decorated with typical motifs of the Scandinavian style, namely: triangles, rectangles, diamonds, circles, lines ... in short, geometric patterns ! Often very colorful, patterned cushions are perfect for bringing pep's and relief to a sofa. The must ? Mismatch them to bring a contrast of colors and shapes in the living room!

4. The Danish-inspired poster

The Danes invented the hygge, or the "art of living" pendant of Scandinavian decoration, which advocates evenings spent under a thick blanket in front of a crackling fireplace with a good book in your hands. To thank them, you can pay tribute to them with a beautiful poster or frame with a cocooning atmosphere clearly assumed!

5. The armchair with wooden compass legs

In a Scandinavian living room, the armchairs all offer a comfortable and soft seat ... But whether they are in fabric, velvet or other, what differentiates them from classic armchairs and gives them their Nordic look, these are their four angular wooden legs , which also offer optimal stability to this piece of furniture. For a slightly offbeat decor, do not hesitate to mismatch your scandinavian armchairs around a coffee table by choosing models in different colors.

6. Bi-material stools with soft lines

To cut a little with the very strict side of the straight lines characteristic of the Nordic style, do not hesitate to install small stools with softer lines in your Scandinavian living room: with a round seat and rounded metal or wooden feet for example

7. Nesting coffee tables

The nesting coffee tables are very popular in the Scandinavian decor, and ideal if you want to create a Nordic atmosphere in a small living room. Indeed, these coffee tables occupy little space and can be modified according to your needs! For a Scandinavian style living room, opt for bi-material coffee tables with wooden legs and glass top for example (this will avoid the "total wood look" side).

8. The TV stand

For a competent Scandinavian living room, even the TV stand must be of Nordic inspiration! Obviously, it will be an elegant wooden piece of furniture (preferably clear, oak for example), but to avoid indigestion of this material, why not choose a Scandinavian TV stand with wooden frame, but doors and / or drawers with white or pastel blue matt coating?


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