I want a hanging bedside lamp

I want a hanging bedside lamp

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Poetic, contemporary or industrial, the hanging style bedside lamp has everything to seduce us. Whether you like it imposing or discreet, it settles in height to free up space on our bedside tables and bring an original light touch to the sleeping area. Head to the bedroom, with 4 ways to hang your bedside lamp to enhance the decor.

A paper suspension as a bedside lamp

The paper pendant lamp offers light sources a resolutely contemporary setting. As a hanging bedside lamp version, it brings a touch of fantasy while delicacy. It can easily be adapted to all decorative styles: it will prove to be the ideal accessory for dusting a rustic interior, perfecting a minimalist decoration or waking up an interior in need of originality.

The electric red wire brings a touch of madness to the poetry of the paper pendant!

A bare bulb for bedside lamp

For lovers of minimalism, the hanging bedside lamp is a boon! We forget here the models with eccentric design to focus on the essential: the light source. The stripped bulb has its place on the sides of the bed. We do not bother with the choice of a lampshade and we save space since we no longer clutter the bedside table. Only imperative: opt for a low intensity bulb to avoid being dazzled in the evening before falling asleep or worse ... upon waking!

A black wire and a bulb for a bedside lamp could not be more minimalist!

The hanging bedside lamp: a design solution!

All design lovers will find their account by opting for a hanging bedside lamp. There are all styles: Arts deco a retro twist with a copper or neo-industrial touch with, as here, an imposing white lampshade. If we can obviously play with colors, we can also have fun with size. Small lampshade, medium or XXL: the effect will vary depending on the size chosen. But an XXL version will have the advantage of drawing the eye immediately to your bed. Bordered by two suspensions, it takes on the appearance of a canopy and there is then an intimate cocoon spirit. Suspended, the bedside lamp also makes it possible to visually stretch the height under the ceiling thanks to the electric wire which materializes it. A significant asset for a room that imposes!

Two very different styles that bring a touch of modernity to rooms in which wood reigns.

A hanging wicker bedside lamp

You can choose a hanging bedside lamp without wanting an industrial style in your room. This is where wicker comes in. No ambiguity possible: the factory is far away! On the contrary, this option is very warm and natural. But the advantages of a hanging lamp are still present: space saving, height under ceiling, originality and poetry of a light as fallen from the sky.

A wicker pendant lamp for a room with a natural spirit.


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