Before / after: build a multifunctional corridor

Before / after: build a multifunctional corridor

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In each interior hides a corner that deserves to be revealed and sublimated. Here, interior designer Virginie Durieux and her agency Mon oeil dans la déco were commissioned by owners of Nogent-sur-Marne to redesign an entry. The objective: redevelop a long corridor, incorporating storage for the whole family. Sobriety and functionality are the watchwords of this very successful project! Surface: about 5m². Budget: less than 4000 € for the global project. Agency: My eye in the decor.

Arrange the corridor to create storage

For this renovation, it was a question of rethinking the entrance by creating storage space for the whole family, who was then in dire need of it. The corridor is a passageway serving the living room, the kitchen and the bedrooms. The couple had already undertaken work by closing the access to the kitchen and transforming it into a kitchen open to the living room. This allowed them to place a family piece of furniture prominently in the hallway. However, over time, the couple realized that it was not practical: the whole did not work. The owners therefore called on Virginie Durieux to help them make better use of this central corridor, by integrating storage and an office.

BEFORE: a dark corridor separated from the living room by a closed door. How much space wasted!

Multifunctional furniture to harmonize spaces

The main idea of ​​the decorator was to create a piece of furniture that makes the connection between the entrance, the living room and the kitchen. Tailor-made, it has several lockers on the entrance side of different lengths for books and small trinkets. To reduce costs, the customers took care of the assembly themselves. It only took two weeks to complete. On the living room side, the furniture turns into a bar with shelves and extends into the kitchen. Customers wanted to keep their sofa and TV stand. To create a new atmosphere, a few new decorative elements were enough: - some Balibart illustrations hanging on the walls, - new cushions and a House Doctor carpet, - the pretty green color Nereids (from the brand 1825) was painted on the back wall that you see from the entrance, bringing a real effect of depth to the apartment.

AFTER: a multifunctional piece of furniture and an entrance finally inhabited and useful.

Creation of an office space in the corridor

The owners wish to integrate an office area into the project. A workspace has therefore been designed with a locker reserved for the computer and a sliding tray for the keyboard. A very clever office which therefore does not take up space! And as the entrance has been opened, it has gained in brightness, which makes this studious corner very pleasant.

The furniture houses an office area that fits perfectly into the whole.

A practical corridor… and aesthetic!

The large piece of furniture incorporates a very useful bench for putting on and taking off your shoes. It also has a small storage unit for them, as well as a storage compartment. On the wall was created a very original coat rack, in a wood of the same color as the furniture, to guarantee the harmony of the space. Finally, to remind the boxes of the furniture and energize the corridor, a tile imitation cement tiles covered the old tiles, to bring a real cachet to the entrance, and delicately delimit it. A project that succeeds in the bet of integrating numerous storage spaces, an office area while promoting fluid and airy circulation in the entrance!

An original and practical coat rack and imitation cement tiles which give a real function to this entry.


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