Professional cooking with the KITCHENminis® range from WMF

Professional cooking with the KITCHENminis® range from WMF

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Attention novelty! WMF, specialist in kitchen appliances for professionals, launches its first range dedicated to individuals. The opportunity to finally have all the assets to cook like a pro! The specificity of this line? High-end devices of reduced size, for maximum efficiency and minimum space in your cupboards.

WMF, a brand moving forward

You may be familiar with the brand that first gained a reputation with professionals in the kitchen. Its ambition is now open to individuals by offering small, elegant and design household appliances, innovative and surprising.

An essential range

The KITCHENminis® collection includes a kettle, a mocha coffee maker, a coffee grinder, a coffee machine, a blender, a toaster, an egg cooker, a raclette / grill, an electric mandolin and a steamer. In short, a complete range designed for amateur gourmets. By offering small, functional, efficient but above all accessible devices (from 59.99 to 139.99 euros), WMF targets a very specific clientele: aspiring cooks living in urban areas in a modest-sized habitat (living alone or up to three people). The KITCHENminis® collection is aimed at the active and busy gourmet, who has neither the time nor the place to store and use sophisticated or imposing equipment. This is why the devices of the line are thought to be discreet and pleasing to the eye, like the steamer or the toaster which can remain on the work surface without disturbing.