3 ideas of games for cats and dogs to make yourself

3 ideas of games for cats and dogs to make yourself

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You may have already experienced this somewhat frustrating situation: you buy a state-of-the-art toy for your pet and ... it ultimately prefers to have fun with the packaging than with the toy. Since then, you think twice before investing a small fortune! Have you ever thought of making a toy for your cat or dog yourself? We explain how from everyday objects and in no time, you can make yourself an object for your furry friend.

Idea 1: a game for cats or gourmet dogs

These toys keep the most greedy cats and dogs busy. Using their flair, they will find appetizing treats! To make this game, an empty tissue box and rolls of toilet paper or paper towels will do the trick!

Cut out the tissue box and place the rolls of toilet paper vertically inside, sticking them together.

Put some dry food or treats at the bottom of the tubes, and it's ready!

Your cat will get its treats by sliding its paw in the rollers. You can thus determine if it is left or right handed! For a dog, same principle but replace the rolls of toilet paper with rag rolled in a ball. If you have a large dog, you can also create a suitable model by filling a trunk or cardboard with ball-rolled rags or old t-shirts. Hide a few treats and it's ready!

Idea 2: a ball that distributes kibble

This toy is made in just a few minutes and can keep your pet occupied for hours! You will simply need a tennis ball, a cutter and some kibble for your cat or dog.

For a cat: Take a tennis ball and make a hole in it, a little bigger than the treats. Put some treats in the ball (preferably dry), and it's ready!

For a dog: Cut along the line on the ball to create an opening. By chewing his toy, your dog will be able to bring out his treats.

Idea 3: a comforter from socks

Your solitary or perforated socks can have a second life! Turn them into a soft toy for your cat or dog in a jiffy. Collect about 4 socks, thread, needle, scissors, pen and go.

Start by tracing the marks with a pen, following the model below, in order to identify where to cut and sew later.

Sew the upper part, to form two small ears, then turn the sock over.

Fill it with other cut socks. For a cat, you can add some exhilarating catnip to the padding.

Close the bottom of the plush with a few sewing stitches. And it's over!

You can decorate the comforter but avoid the small buttons or thread embroidery, which your pet could ingest. Prefer suitable textile pens.

And There you go ! Proof that you can have a rotten dog or cat without breaking the bank!