Dual decor: bowl or cup for drinking tea or coffee?

Dual decor: bowl or cup for drinking tea or coffee?

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Why prefer to drink coffee or tea in a bowl rather than a cup, a cup rather than a bowl? A matter of habit, practicality and fetishism! And you, what camp are you in?

To drink my tea and coffee, never without my bowl!

No, the bowl is not just for soup. For you, it is unique, comforting, rather associated with breakfast, with an air of "The sun has just risen, another beautiful day (…)". Like a sacred ritual, you fill it with the hot drink that will start your day off right. You wrap it with both hands, it warms up as much as it awakens your senses with the smell that emerges, in a privileged tête-à-tête. Large, welcoming, you can dive in with some buttered toast. The bowl: why we love it so much? - with him, you take your time, - he has no handle, you lift him with both hands, - he likes large quantities, - he is exclusive and homebody. The bowl: what can it look like? Everyone chooses their breakfast bowl, there is something for everyone: - the nostalgic will choose the retro grandmother's bowl or the vintage glass bowl, - the fans of marinières will opt for the bowl with Breton name brought back from vacation (or not), - followers of the authentic and beautiful materials will have their beautiful handcrafted ceramic bowl.

Don't touch my cup!

For you, the bowl is not really ... your cup of tea. The cup should be practical. Since "It's 5 o'clock, Paris is waking up (…)" when you jump out of bed, until in the afternoon at work or in relaxation mode, the cup never leaves you! You are a fan of reading in bed, pacing from room to room, repeated trips outside, you want to be able to have it with you all the time. The cup: why we love it so much? - with it, you can do a thousand things at once, - it almost always has a handle, to hold it with one hand, - it likes the quantities measured, even if it means filling it often, - it is nomadic, follows you all over. The cup: what can it look like? For the mug too, the choice is endless, between the English flowered porcelain mug, the enameled steel mug, the personalized mug with the head of your youngest, the hero of cinema or comics mug, the mug with message (you can buy the model "the / the best dad / mom in the world, it's me" to show off in the open space) or the insulated travel mug for those in a hurry who don't have time to drink their tea / coffee at home!


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