Les Pépinières de la Barberolle, a plant paradise in Drôme

Les Pépinières de la Barberolle, a plant paradise in Drôme

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Les Pépinières de la Barberolle, a small production of ornamental plants in pots on 1.5 ha, is part of the magnificent plant heritage of the beautiful Drôme region. Here, the garden center is a real craft, carried by demanding and passionate producers. It was 10 years ago that Mr. Joseph, after a long experience in nurseries, decided to create his own. Shrubs, perennials, roses, conifers… More than 600 references are cultivated there during 2 to 14 months before their sale. "We carefully select the species best suited to the region's climate, from our suppliers of young plants, which guarantee exceptional quality," explains Joseph.

The plants selected are therefore as well adapted to winter frosts as to summer drought. Like the star, the oleander, an iconic shrub from the South of France.

For a few months now, the Pépinières de la Barberolle have been providing individuals with their expertise. As Mr. Joseph notes, "the short circuit responds to a real demand from the general public, because it allows products and advice provided directly by the producer, at attractive prices". Here, we find lavender pots from 4.50 euros, and we can go up to 2000 euros for exceptional pieces.

"We can also provide delivery, planting and after-sales follow-up," says Joseph. Les Pépinières de la Barberolle are members of the Globe Planter network, which offers creations of new varieties of plants exclusively. Nurseries also adhere to the MPS program, which guarantees good environmental practices.

Contact : Pépinières de la Barberolle, 700 chemin de Chaponnay, 26300 Alixan Phone: 04 75 55 95 21 Email: [email protected] Site: