Soda crystals: green household jewels!

Soda crystals: green household jewels!

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Big brothers of baking soda, with which they are often confused, soda crystals are even more formidable allies of ecological cleaning! This clever mixture of salt and chalk - also called soda ash or sodium carbonate - has amazing cleaning powers. Demonstration with 4 uses of soda crystals for a household as green as spring…

Soda crystals for descaling the bathroom

Did you know the anti-lime properties of white vinegar? Here are those even more fearsome soda crystals, always for an ecological household. Perfectly suited to the enamel of the bathroom or toilet, the soda crystals remove the most stubborn lime deposits.

Soda crystals to soften laundry in an ecological way

The small white granules of the soda crystals have, like white vinegar (but more powerfully), the capacity to soften the most calcareous waters. To be incorporated into home softener recipes, especially if the water in your area is very hard.

Soda crystals to make dishes shine in ecological mode

Dull dishes, burnt pan, dirty dish: the soda crystals are there! Soak your dishes for a few hours in a mixture of hot water and soda crystals: your dishes are like new!

Thoroughly clean / degrease with soda crystals

Thanks to their antibacterial and antifungal properties, soda crystals are used in many ecological multifunction recipes. It is used to thoroughly clean tiled (or marble) floors, to scour the oven (or barbecue) or to degrease the stove (or work surface).

Unclog the pipes with the soda crystals

Less expensive than the intervention of the plumber and greener than industrial unblockers, soda crystals can unclog, deodorize and maintain clogged pipes.

Soda crystals: jewels of ecological cleaning!


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