Cuisina Part, a cuisine in your image

Cuisina Part, a cuisine in your image

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Finding the kitchen of your dreams is not easy, and to do this, you need to hire real professionals. Cuisina Part is here to serve you! Cuisina Part is a family business created by Elisa, her spouse and her mother. Located in a commercial area, the carefully decorated showroom with multiple atmospheres is a hit among the host of more classic kitchen designers who are nearby. What definitely sets Cuisina Part apart is its particular support and great attention paid to studying your needs.

When you arrive, the Cuisina Part team will explore your lifestyle and habits in order to design the kitchen of your dreams. To give you more flexibility, you will be offered two projects rather than one, among which you will be able to mix the different elements. The main thing is to take your time to make the best possible choice!

Cuisina Part works with two manufacturers, one French, the other German, without compromising on quality. The partners of our kitchen designer are only local, you can easily visit the marble, ironworker or cabinetmaker to decide on certain details of the kitchen such as the worktop, the table legs or the type of solid wood. used for your furniture. In terms of time, allow two months to have your new kitchen, because everything is custom built.

Thanks to the factory fitted furniture, you will be able to install your kitchen yourself if you have the soul of a handyman, or delegate this step to an installer who will take care of it the day after delivery. All worksites without exception are supervised and visited by a member of the team who ensures the smooth running of the work with the installer and your complete satisfaction.

Cuisina Part is organizing a special event on November 28: a Michelin-starred chef from Luxembourg will come and cook a gourmet meal on site for around 40 guests, if you want to be part of the adventure, visit their Facebook page! Contact : Cuisina Part, 29 rue du Bois d'Orly, 57685 Augny Opening hours: Mondays from 2 to 7 pm only by appointment; Tuesday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. and from 2 to 7 p.m. Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Phone: 03 87 17 83 86 Email: [email protected] Site: www.cuisinapart.fr Instagram: www.instagram.com/cuisina_part


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