Blue for a soothing room

Blue for a soothing room

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The choice of the color of the room is not to be taken lightly because it will accompany you from bedtime when you wake up ... and put you in a good mood for the day. Blue seems to be the perfect option for creating a relaxing room, thanks to its more than positive effects on the body. Royal blue, sapphire, pastel or turquoise ... Its anti-stress properties do not leave indifferent. It's up to you to choose the best option for your blue room!

A blue color chart for a harmonious bedroom

Blue is part of the classification of key colors which have a positive influence on your state of mind and guarantee a calm atmosphere in a room. This shade synonymous with confidence is therefore ideal in the bedroom because it has a reassuring virtue. Different studies go even further and tend to show that this color does indeed have a direct impact on mood and well-being in general. The key is to know how to dose it carefully. According to chromotherapy, a unique method of using the energy of colors in everyday life, mood can be influenced when we are faced with certain colors. If many shades are rather tonic and accelerate the heart rate, others have more soothing properties for the body and reduce tension. This is the case of blue, which has the effect of slowing down our metabolism. Result? A natural anti-stress conducive to relaxation, perfect for improving the quality of sleep.

Combine dark and light to create contrasting effects in your bedroom decor

A blue wall for a Zen decor

This relaxing shade, a bit refreshing, gently invites you to escape and daydream. The decorative tip to reinforce the calm spirit that reigns in your room is to paint the main wall supporting the bed. It is not necessary to paint the whole room, you could overload the decor. Azure blue, sapphire, turquoise, celestial or king ... The fact of dressing one of the walls of your room with this soft palette will not only add cachet to your decoration but will also bring luminosity. Do not hesitate to combine blue with gray, ivory or cream tones to obtain an impression of volume in the room. The end result will be a real breath of fresh air. Ideal for creating a cozy cocoon with ease.

Paint your walls with turquoise blue to get a brighter bedroom and enlarge your room. Add some decorative accessories.

How to use blue for a relaxing room?

Blue remains a fairly easy color to use because it is available thanks to decorative accessories. Bet for example on a dominant shade of blue that will then suffice to decline using light touches in your decoration. Opt for soft printed rugs, mismatched decorative cushions, thick plain bed linen and various accessories such as vases enhanced with a bouquet of wild flowers. Let your imagination run wild and feel free to mix textures, prints or even palettes. Match blue with gray tones, a chocolate palette, neutral undertones or subtle pale colors. What add relief to your interior and accentuate a cocooning style conducive to relaxation.

What could be more relaxing than thinking about a seaside vacation before going to bed? Be careful however to limit the number of colors so as not to have a rainbow effect in the bedroom, which could affect the quality of your sleep. You now have all the keys in hand to set up a quiet blue room for sweet nights of sleep. Something to sleep on both ears.

Add relief to your room with shades of blue: guaranteed cozy effect! Perfect to enhance the soothing atmosphere of the room.