Top tips for an office area in a small space

Top tips for an office area in a small space

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Do you desperately need a home office area, but find it difficult to arrange it in a small space? Do not panic, between decorative storage, the choice of furniture and accessories 2 in 1, dé gives you all the tips to optimize your small space in an office that will have everything of a big!

A functional office area under the stairs

Does your staircase take up a lot of space at home? See it rather as an opportunity (if, if)! It may be the perfect place to set up the small office you've always dreamed of. You can also opt for a corner office closed with a sliding wall (for more privacy) or fully open to let it breathe. To optimize this small space , focus on the essentials: a desk, a chair, some decorative accessories like a desk lamp and your everyday essentials. Your mantra? Minimalism!

The space under the stairs, often little used, is an ideal place for an office area!

An office space in the bedroom

You are sorely lacking in space to furnish the office area of ​​your dreams? And why not install it in the bedroom? If your room is bright and quiet, there is no better way to work productively. Be careful however to delimit the small office area and the bedroom space. Ban on working on the bed! Use for example thespace under the windows to set up your office there. The trick here is to save space with a thinner desk, a stool, a wall light for shelves fixed to the wall or even camouflaged storage under the desk. You can also arrange an office area under a mezzanine bed, of course. This will no doubt remind you of your childhood or your student years!

To avoid cluttering the room, opt for wall shelves above the desk.

A 2 in 1 office in small spaces

If you really lack space at home to set up your office area, bet on 2 in 1 furniture whatever the room chosen! Many tips will allow you to benefit from a workspace in places that were not originally designed to be offices. We think for example of the back of the sofa or a small library, on which it is possible to arrange an office area. It is also possible to use a corner of the kitchen worktop to store your laptop and some files. Think modularity!

A "ladder" library or wall shelves can accommodate your computer.

An office corner camouflaged in a closet

Have you thought about using thespace of your cupboards to arrange your office area discreetly? Whether in the living room, the hallway or in the bedroom, you can easily accommodate your office there. You just need to install a sliding shelf for your laptop and make sure that you have the connections available nearby (lamp, computer, printer, if any). The icing on the cake: you can easily organize your mail, your stationery and your files using the shelves above the cupboard. A few storage banners and voila !

Being able to close the door and hide all the nasty files is luxury!

A corridor transformed into a modern office

We all too often tend to forget about it, but the hallway can also be used as an office area, especially if you live in a small space. The trick here is to use a shelf attached to the wall to create an effect of suspended desk . You can also choose a swivel shelf or a folding wooden board to save space when your work is done. Pretty ingenious, right?

In the corridor, a hanging shelf or a console transforms into an office area.

Height storage for a small, organized office

To arrange an office area in a small space, do not skimp on functional storage. Give priority to shelves and other storage compartments fixed to the wall and use the ceiling height to the maximum to store your current files and your everyday objects. The result: your office will appear more airy and organized. Perfect for working efficiently. You no longer have any excuses for not setting up a chef's office in a small space. At work !

Wall shelves, card holders, all overhead storage saves space!