Interview Chandeleur: Krampouz tells us all about pancakes

Interview Chandeleur: Krampouz tells us all about pancakes

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February 2 is Candlemas! Let's not wait to sauté the pancakes! But if you still have a few last minute questions, you can still check out the interview below. I indeed asked Krampouz, a Breton company specialized in electric crepe makers and the famous "Billig", to answer a few questions on the making of pancakes and the best way not to miss them.

What is the difference between a pancake and a pancake?

Crêpes are commonly called pasta recipes made from wheat flour, rather cooked for dessert, and pancakes preparations made with buckwheat flour, called buckwheat, used rather for savory recipes.

The Krampouz Diabolo with its patented spreading system

Electric crepe maker or crepe maker stove: why choose one or the other?

2 schools evolve side by side to make pancakes: the Bretons, pancake specialists have used for many years the "Billig", a cast iron plate originally heated over a wood fire, and which has been able to adapt to more modern techniques such as gas and then electricity. Electric crepe makers are very practical, because they are ready to plug in and allow you to make beautiful thin and regular pancakes in a short time. Equipped with non-stick coating, they allow everyone to easily learn this Breton tradition! The frying pans allow for thicker pancakes.

How to choose your electric crepe maker? What are the important criteria?

Several important criteria for choosing your electric crepe maker: - The size of the plate: the larger the plate, the more it will allow you to make beautiful pancakes. With a diameter between 33 and 40 cm, you can bake beautiful pancakes that will satisfy the most greedy! - The power of the crepe maker and its cooking thermostat: good heating power will allow a rapid rise in temperature, to properly grasp your pancakes. It is important that this heat is well distributed over the entire plate to guarantee uniform cooking of your pancakes. The thermostat will guarantee a constant temperature during the cooking period of your pancakes. Impossible then to burn your pancakes with constant heat. - Its coating. Two types of coating are possible: a non-stick coating or a cast iron plate. You will find an adhesive coating on the crepe makers Diabolo and Domino of the brand Krampouz. Your dough will not stick to the pan in this case. Remember to use only plastic utensils for this type of coating. The Breton "Billig" are equipped with a machined cast iron plate. You will then need to "cap" the crêpe maker before its first use. - The dough spreading system: to make beautiful large and thin pancakes you will need a rozell, more commonly known as a rake. After pouring a ladle of dough onto the griddle plate, the rake will allow you to spread the dough. A little training time may be necessary to acquire the helping hand! The Krampouz Diabolo and Domino crepe makers are equipped with a patented spreading system, called "Easy Crêp '" which will allow everyone to make beautiful pancakes in a jiffy. Using a dose ladle supplied with the kit, the system will allow you to distribute the dough on the baking sheet in just a few seconds, to become a breeze.

What types of flour to use?

You can use classic wheat flour (type T55) for your pancakes. For your pancakes, you can use buckwheat flour, called buckwheat flour.

Is there a trick to catching pancake batter with lumps?

To make up a dough that has lumps you can pass it through the hand blender. You can also pass it through a sieve. It is important to make sure that no lumps are present before cooking beautiful fine pancakes.

Why do we almost always miss the first pancake?

The first pancake often allows you to make sure your pancake is at the right temperature. The first pancake is often the one that allows you to adjust your thermostat, it is very common that it is then missed.

How to properly grease your crepe maker? With butter or oil?

We recommend sunflower oil for greasing crepe makers. However, electric crepe makers fitted with a non-stick coating (type Diabolo and Domino of the brand Krampouz) require very little oil before use. You can grease it with a soft cloth soaked in oil before the first pancake only. It is not necessary to repeat the operation between each pancake. For "Billig" crepe makers fitted with a cast iron plate, you must also grease the plate with a soft cloth or an oil-soaked pad before the first pancake. In this case, you will have to repeat the operation between each pancake. So, ready to fold your pancakes?


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