Buying chic and inexpensive is possible!

Buying chic and inexpensive is possible!

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The adventure began 5 years ago. "Here there is a regular clientele, these people like the atmosphere of conventional auctions even if, now, a large part of the vacations takes place on the Internet", loose entry the auctioneer, Pauline Rozkiewicz, 31 years.

Between tradition and modernity

"The hammer room sale continues, one every 2 months but we organize 2 online sales per month, or nearly 2,000 objects ... The principle is simple: no need to move, people bid by themselves, when they want, for a week. That has changed everything, there is no longer a time problem, "she continues." Two types of online auctions are possible, simple or automatic. "

Down with received ideas!

The auctions, reserved for the wealthy? "False, replies The young woman. You can equip your apartment from floor to ceiling, it's cheaper than in stores. We sell tables for 10 euros, vases for 20 euros, lamps, chandeliers, mirrors , chairs, sofas, Louis XV or Louis XVI style benches, embroidered sheets, glasses, tableware, clocks, but also branded bags, glasses, gloves. You can buy wine , books, posters, prints, paintings, jewelry. "

Unusual objects are presented. "We do not know what certain folk art objects are used for example, fortunately that our customers tell us in these cases. I remember a mold with osties, a stack of portable weights for scales or some kitchen utensils like a 2-tooth fork from the 17th century. We learn it every week! "

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