A festive table decoration for (almost) zero euros!

A festive table decoration for (almost) zero euros!

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To be in perfect agreement with the theme of this year, I embarked on the realization of a Christmas table decoration without buying anything (or almost). I exhumed from my creative leisure trunk everything I had in stock, picked up some natural elements, drew on my inspiration and my boxes to find something to make a pretty Christmas table. I started with a pretty linen tablecloth and my blue and cream plates (used daily at home), bought a few years ago. The soft, Scandinavian side of these colors set the tone for my table decoration.

What equipment was necessary to make this Christmas table decoration?

What raw materials did I need to make this blue and silver Christmas table? These are mainly everyday items or taken from my Christmas boxes. Supplies: - salt - flour - water - liquid glue - string (roasting works very well, or that of your advent calendar) - glitter - acorns - a transparent vase or bowl - a scrap of paper silver glitter - Christmas balls - a golden felt - a cookie cutter - pads or a toothpick - tealights (the unused one from last Christmas or that of the Festival of Lights for Lyonnais) - a sheet white - glass yogurt pots - a tablecloth - paper napkins (only investment from the table)

Easy, economical and fun the decoration in salt dough!

Salt dough place cards

We had to find a solution to make place cards easily and without paying a single penny. You can obviously choose to make them out of paper, but I wanted something more original to decorate my table. So I opted for salt dough. Easy to make with products that we all have in our closet. I also put the recipe below for you. Salt dough recipe Ingredients: - 1 glass of rather fine salt - 2 glasses of flour - 1 glass of lukewarm water Mix the salt and flour in a bowl. Then add the glass of warm water. Mix until a homogeneous and flexible dough is obtained. Once your decorations are done, allow to air dry for about 12 hours. Then bake your creations, on parchment paper, for about 2 hours at 75-80 °.

Little sparkling details on the table

Thanks to cookie cutters for shortbread in the shape of a star, I made the place cards (you can do this with the children, for a moment of sharing before the holidays), other stars for the decoration of the table. I pierced the top of the stars with a toothpick, so that I could pass the string through it and wrote the names using small letter pads, found in my daughter's belongings. You can also trace the letters by hand with the toothpick, if you don't have stamps. With the help of a golden felt pen, survivor of last Christmas, and a little golden finger paint, borrowed from the Christmas book of my 4 year old daughter, I delicately ironed the letters in gold color. A silver may have been more fitting, but I played the recovery game. Place cards are used with twine as napkin rings. Small stars crown the napkins folded in Christmas trees on the plates.

A touch of Scandinavia blows on the table, right?

A table dotted with sparkling stars

If you are a fan of manual activities, alone or with your children, you will surely have small reserves of colored, glittery, slightly festive paper. For my part, I recently helped a DIY friend to move and I recovered many scrapbooking papers, colored sheets, etc. If you do not have this chance, a fall of pretty gift paper or a white sheet colored by your children, can be of the most beautiful effect. To make regular stars, I used cookie cutters to trace the contours of the stars on the glitter paper. Once cut, I spread them on the tablecloth and kept one to make a reminder on the menu. To add a natural touch to the table, I chose to take acorns. I was surely influenced by the many images of acorns decorated on Pinterest or in our slides! So I went to pick small acorns from a tree at the bottom of the desk and let them dry for a few days. Their hats having taken off during the drying time, I glued them and rolled them in liquid glue and the rest of silver glitter.

We recover and we reuse for table decoration

Glitter candle holders in recovery mode

To make pretty candle jars at a lower cost, I have kept the glass containers for yogurts and dessert creams for the past few weeks. Once the yogurts were swallowed and cleaned, I decorated them in two different ways: - 3 candle jars were rolled in glue, then the silver glitter. Once dry, I dressed them in a pretty gray and white string (string from my advent calendar). - 3 other candle jars were simply decorated with string and a small star in salt dough. Distributed on the table, they bring a warm and subdued light, pleasant for festive meals.

An easy-to-make centerpiece

To give the table a little volume, I was looking for an element that was easy to make ... The solution was before my eyes: Christmas balls! A transparent vase, a few Christmas balls of different sizes arranged in a vase, and as a final touch a star in salt dough "Merry Christmas". Don't panic, you see that with three times nothing, we can make a superb Christmas table. Get your scissors!