Decorate with wool balls

Decorate with wool balls

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Easy, economical and fun to make, wool balls caused a sensation in the Christmas decor, the party decor or everyday decor . Served in suspension, in a light garland or placed in a basket in the center of the table, they instantly enhance the interiors with a light and airy touch that is very noticed. Demonstrations with this DIY.


To make wool ball decorations , you will need: - Balloons - Wool in the colors of your choice - Vinyl glue - Edible vegetable oil - A little water - A bowl-type container - A brush - A needle (or a toothpick) - Newsprint (to protect your furniture) If you make a light garland made of wool balls , add to these ingredients: - A light string Christmas lights type white LED garland.

DIY in practice

1/ Mix vinyl glue with a little water in a container until a liquid and homogeneous paste is obtained. 2 / Inflate the balloons of the desired size. 2 / Coat the balloons with oil . This will make it easier to take off the balloons once the wool has dried. 3 / Wrap each ball of wool by randomly crossing the threads. If you want to make a garland of wool balls, be sure to leave a hole large enough to slide an LED light at the top of the balloon. 4 / Cover the entire balloon with glue using a brush or generously dip each ball in the glue. 5 / Let your wool balls dry 24 hours on the dryer line or on newspaper. 6 / Drill each balloon using a toothpick or needle. The balloons deflate. 7 / Extract balloons from wool balls by delicately removing the rubber through the hole left at the top of the ball so that the woolen mesh retains its pretty spherical shape. You get beautiful, very rigid wool balls. It's up to you to choose what to do with it…

Variations and variations

Knotted with simple thread, the wool balls become suspensions . Connected with wire, they form a pretty string to decorate the little one's bedroom or the living room. Placed in a vase, a plate or a basket, they decorate the center of the table or the library with a nice handmade touch. Embellished with rhinestones and sequins, they dress up the Christmas tree. Finally, associated with the white LEDs of an electric garland, the balls of wool play party lights and / or decorate your interior with soft, subdued light. It's your turn ! Sources:, via Pinterest,

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